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SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 (SAP PaPM) would like to introduce you to the second Support Package (SP22) for this year which will be released on the 2nd half of June.

In this blogpost, let me walk you through some exciting new features and enhancements that SP22 has to offer.

Let’s start with the general features:

Visual Modeler

The user experience has been improved regarding the following features of the Visual Modeler:

  • Environment Screen

  • Modeling Environment Screen

  • Process Management

  • Visualize Screen

  • Report Management Screen

For more information about the enhancements, see What’s Inside Visual Modeler SP22 SAP Note 3316310.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 SP22 includes enhancements for the following functions:

Processing RFC Function Module

With this new RFC function module, you can perform ABAP-to-ABAP actions for process handling without calling the processing API.  You may use this to create a new process instance based on a template or an old process, deploy processes or run activities.
This  service allows you to pass parameters using the standard format for OData version 4 services, JSON.

The OData Processing Service is part of the /NXI/P1_SERVICES service group and can be tested and used with the help of SAP Gateway or by using external tools such as Google Chrome.

In detail, this service performs the following operations:

  • Creates a new process and activities based on a template (FCUP and FCUPA).

  • Deploys the process.

  • Validates data (simulation).

  • Changes the existing process by passing parameters and selections.

  • Runs activities asynchronously.

  • Updates the status of the activity.

Let me give you an example on how to perform a POST call for the following:  /sap/opu/odata4/nxi/p1_services/default/nxi/p1_processing/0001/CreateDeployRunActivityAsync in SAP Gateway Services

  1. Call transaction /N/IWFND/V4_ADMIN

  2. Then, select /NXI/P1_SERVICES from the left tree.

  3. Choose Service Test after selecting the /NXI/_P1_PROCESSING service. 

With request body:

"envId":"A22", (mandatory: needs to be in /NXI/TP1ENV)
"version":"0007", (mandatory: needs to be in /NXI/TP1ENV)
"procId":"RUNNING", (optional: a new process created based on procTemplateId )
"postRunAction":"", (optional: deleteProcess , updateActivityState: )
"shouldValidateOnly":"", ( optional: If ‘process instance ’, simulates a run, no changes to application persistence layer.)
"parameters":"", (optional: format: field1,formula1;field2,formula2)
"selections":"", (optional: format: field,sign,option,low,high;field,sign2,option2,low2,high2)
"procTemplateId":"P0001_", (optional: Must be in state ‘ACTIVE’)
"activity":"A0007" (mandatory, Must be of type ‘EXECUTION’)

When a call is successful, you will receive Code 200 and the relative path to Get status method as response body:

After a successful execution, confirm that the Activity: A0005 State is “OK”, represented by a green icon status on the Manage and Deploy screen:

For more information about this new feature, see SAP Note 3333313.

File Adapter

Previously, no validation existed when a column was mapped incorrectly on the Mapping tab of the File Adapter function. With SP22, the system displays a validation error message telling you which specific column names are incorrect.

We recommend you implement the following notes since they are related to the behavior of the File Adapter function with type “Import”:

3257412 (FS-PER-OP Rel. 3.0 SP20 – File Adapter doesn't read the mapped column correctly)
3294472 (FS-PER-OP Rel 3.0 SP21 – File Adapter of type Import does not display data)

For more information, see SAP Note 3327148.

Remote Function Adapter

To improve the usability, the Checks tab is no longer visible under the function header for the following RFA types:

  • Finance Accounts Payable

  • Finance Accounts Receivable

  • Finance Extended

  • External Function

  • Finance General Ledger

  • Finance General Ledger Items

  • Financial Statement Items

  • Post Journal Entries for Group Reporting

  • Primary Cost Reposting

  • Purchase Order

  • Replicate CO Master Data

  • Replicate InfoObject Master Data

  • Sales and Distribution

  • Secondary Cost Element Posting

  • Value Chain Analysis

For more information, see SAP Note 3327225.

Financial Statement Items

New components have been added to the Rules tab of the RFA type “Financial Statement Items”. You can compare balance sheet types retrieved from different systems in this way:



For more information, see SAP Note 3333237.

Post Journal Entries for Group Reporting

Using the component “control-grouping”, the RFA type "Post Journal Entries for Group Reporting" can now post multiple documents in one single call. The line items can then be assigned to their respective documents:

For more information, see SAP Note 3317409.

Flow Modeling

Improvements of memory allocation and runtime for Flow Modeling rule type “Acknowledge of Actuals”.

For more information, see SAP Note 3327341.

Model Join

Enhance the activation of Model Join Function when there are more than 30 fields being displayed on the Analyze screen.

For more information, see SAP Note 3332773.

Sample Content

The following new standalone sample contents are now available in SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 SP22:

Sample Content ID Version
Professional Services Transfer Pricing SSC 1
OECD BEPS 2.0 Tax Calculation and Reporting Powered by SAP Group Reporting SXE GR01

Updated versions of the following standalone sample contents are available:

Sample Content ID Version
Corporate Sustainability Management SXD 5
EU Taxonomy Management SXU 5
Food Industry Profitability and Cost Management SCG 3
Funds and Liquidity Transfer Pricing SFF 13
OECD BEPS 2.0 Tax Calculation and Reporting SXE 5

You can visit the following blog post “SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0: What’s Inside Visual Modeler SP22 SAP Note 3316310” for more information.

If you have questions about the topic in SAP Community, please see the Q&A tag link.