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SAP Convergent Charging 2021 FPS2

New Release




May 2022

Dear Convergent Charging and BRIM community, We are delighted to announce yet another new release of SAP Convergent Charging 2021 FPS 02. With this release, we continue to add new capabilities such as multi-currency support in rate plans, Single-sign on support in the Cockpit, and more new features.

This blog provides you with the latest SAP CC 2021 FPS 02 highlights, part of the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) suite.



It is usually a best practice to make your Rate Plans highly reusable. This cuts down significantly on maintenance and updates. In many cases, the same rate plan is used in different markets, regions, and currencies. To simplify the maintenance of rate plans for different currencies, we have added multi-currency support to rate plans.

Configuring Multi-Currency support in Rate Plans


With this new feature, you can now switch your rate plan to multi-currency mode with a button. A new external parameter of type Currency is available to capture the currency from the provider contract.
The benefits of this new feature will help pricing specialists to better simplify the maintenance of rate plans that compute pricing for different currencies.
You can learn more about this new feature from the following article on the SAP Help Portal: Parameterization of the Currency in Rate Plans (Multicurrency Support) (New)


Watch how to create a rate plan with Multi-Currency support



We now are compliant with SAML 2.0 for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication of users for the SAP Convergent Charging Cockpit. To enable SSO authentication in the cockpit, we have enhanced the cockpit to enable authentication through a third-party authentication server (alse called an Identity Provider or IdP).

This new feature includes:

  • A parameter to store the URL of the IdP

  • A sign-in screen to inform cockpit users about IdP authentication

  • User delegation

    • New role called Authorization Delegator available for the technical user and used for interactions between the cockpit and the core CC server.

This new feature greatly enhances the user experience with native single sign-on support in the cockpit and provides improved security and authentication compliance.

You can learn more about SSO support in the Cockpit by navigating to the following link on the SAP help portal: What's New in Feature Package Stack 2



In a full BRIM implementation, consumption data is typically stored in SAP Convergent Invoicing. We have added a new Fiori app to the Cockpit that allows pricing specialist to manage the following:

  • Create a chargeable item class from a consumption item class

  • View its associated consumption item mapping

  • Refresh the chargeable item class and its consumption item mapping when fields are added to the consumption item class

  • Delete a chargeable item class and its associated consumption item mapping


Consumption Item Mapping in the CC Cockpit


This new feature allows pricing specialists to leverage integration scenarios with SAP Convergent Invoicing using consumption items (CIT) storage.

For more information on this new feature, please visit the following link: Manage Chargeable Item Classes Based on Consumption Item Classes with Cockpit (New)



In addition to the features mentioned above, SAP Convergent Charging 2021 FPS 02 also introduces other enhancements:

  • Integration with Convergent Invoicing

    • New mode to adjust the currency precision in billable items



SAP Convergent Charging 2021 FPS 02 has been released to customers on May 25th, 2022 and is available on the SAP Software Download Center.

For more information on SAP Convergent Charging 2021 FPS 02, check out the following links: