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Welcome to this new blog post about Price Calculation!

Lots of user experience improvements, new documentation, … let’s deep dive into the main recently delivered features:


To enable Price Calculation users to easily navigate between the different objects in their pricing specifications, we implemented different ways to navigate between the apps:

  • to access a specific price element specification from a pricing scheme

in the Manage Pricing Schemes app

  • to link the fields defined in the field catalog to the place where they are used in the different apps

in the Manage Field Catalog app

  • to easily access lookup table data from where the lookup table is used

in the Manage Lookup Tables app

This way, users do not have to go back to the launchpad every time they need to switch between apps, reducing the possibility of errors and increasing the pricing logic understanding.


In our previous post, we introduced the possibility of import only parts of lookup tables, to simplify the handling of large amount of data.

With recent releases, we also introduced the ability to export small set of data from a lookup table. Users can now define the rows they wants to export in a file thanks to the available rows filter.


In a previous release, we delivered a component which enables users to compare two string values, but it could not handle the case of comparing a string value against an empty string.

We also had already introduced the capability to check if a string exists within a calling request by using the availability check component. Nevertheless, in some cases, the field can exist within the request but can be empty.

For this reason, we improved the existing “String Comparator” to handle this case too.


In some features of Price Calculation, you need to identify units of measure and currencies. Following requests for improvements, we enhanced the documentation of these two basic yet crucial parts of pricing. You can now find the latest version here.

You can also access it directly from the home page of the Price Calculation documentation:

Section in Price Calculation documentation


Descriptions in value helpers

As of now, only a few value helpers did give information on the description of the objects to be selected. To facilitate the selection of value in some value helpers, the value help dialogs have been improved by displaying the descriptions of the listed items. In addition, the description can be used to sort or filter the items.

Example in Manage Lookup Tables app

Improved market-based authorisation

On the top of the existing “market-based authorisation” concept released previously in Price Calculation, we improved the user experience of this feature by now indicating to the user if they are working on a tenant where the visible markets are restricted.

Message display in Manage Lookup Tables Data app

Latest Fiori version

Price Calculation is now running on the latest and greatest version of SAP Fiori.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading our blog post! And stay tuned for the next one, which will come early 2023!

To make sure you don’t miss it, follow the tag Price Calculation. And in the meantime, you can find out more about our solution in the information section below.

Please like this post if you found it useful, don’t hesitate to share it around you and/or to leave your feedback in the comment section.

In case of questions, feel free to ask them in our Q&A section using the tag Price Calculation.

And, on behalf of the Price Calculation team, I wish you happy holidays! 🎄

Cloudily yours,


PM @ Price Calculation