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Join our webinar to discover how to extend and strengthen access governance on 9th November 2016 at 15.00 GMT/16.00 CET.

Robust access governance is absolutely vital to protect your organization against fraud, non-compliance, and reputational damage, but it’s a tough challenge. These days you have to go beyond simply safeguarding your ERP application and its data.

Attend this webinar and discover the next generation of access governance solutions that will provide you with the highest levels of protection across all your applications and data.

SAP’s expanded set of integrated and automated solutions enable you to take access governance to the next level. Learn how you can:

  • Automate provisioning and the on-boarding and off-boarding of users in compliance with internal policies

  • Extend the power of access control beyond your SAP landscape and get additional insights into your risk exposure for more effective remediation

  • Use a single sign-on to give users the controlled access they need without having to worry about multiple passwords

  • Strengthen protection significantly with dynamic, attribute-based access control

  • Use a new cloud solution to centrally manage user access and optimize compliance processes across the business.

Whatever you need to do, wherever you want to start, SAP has the access governance solutions to help you extend and reinforce protection today and continue to strengthen it in the future.

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