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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Customers that have implemented SAP Tax and Revenue Management and SAP PSCD are often confronted with an unsatisfactory user experience due to several SAP UI technologies to execute business transactions i.e.:

  • Classic ABAP Dynpro transactions

  • Webdynpro for ABAP applications introduced with the Tax Officer's Workcenter and the co-liability cockpit

  • Native SAP Fiori Apps introduced with SAP S/4HANA

  • CRM UI applications in S/4HANA for Customer Management (now S/4HANA Service) - Financial Customer Care

The UI unification has become increasingly important for the smooth adoption and use of SAP TRM/PSCD solutions by end-users.

The objective of this blog post is to propose an easy, cost-effective and flexible approach to get all TRM/PSCD transactions under the same roof, the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
One UI to rule them all,
     one UI to find them,
One UI to bring them all
     and in the darkness bind them

There are two aspects to take into consideration: the client and the front-end roles. The client will have all technologies running in one application, the front-end roles will give access to all business transactions within this client.

The client

The SAP Business Client is the perfect unifying UI client.

The key advantages of using the SAP Business Client are

  • All transactions, whatever the technologies, are displayed in one client, the SAP Business Client (no pop-up window in IE or Chrome)

  • Easy navigation with tabs

  • Side Panel is available for ABAP and WDA transactions

  • Last but not least, the classic ABAP Dynpro is using the SAPGui for Windows engine for rendering, the WebGui for HTML is not used in this case.

For further information, read "Why and When to use SAP Business Client"

Chromium can be set as the rendering engine in the Options menu. Indeed starting with SAP Business Client 6.5 patch level 5 you can choose between the two available browser controls: Internet Explorer or Chromium. See the blog post from sandra.thimme for more details. The current version of the SAP Business Client supports Belize, but not yet Quartz Light.

The next major release of SAP Business Client is planned for September 2020 and will be shipped together with SAP GUI for Windows 7.70. Main new features: SAP Themes Quartz Light and Quartz Dark, Edge browser control option, and cloud integration with the central Fiori launchpad. See this blog post for further information.


The front-end roles

Once the SAP business client is setup, the good news is that we do not have to start defining front-end roles from scratch, standard Fiori roles are available that already provide access to most of the SAP TRM/PSCD transactions.

But what is missing then?

  • Tiles for the co-liabilities accounting clerk (from PFCG role SAP_FICA_COLI_CLERK)

  • Tiles for the DCM caseworker (SAP Debt Collection Management)

  • Tiles for the call center agent (SAP Financial Customer Care)

  • Tiles to access SAP Case Management

Remark: the aim of this blog post is not to explain how to technically call GUI & Web Dynpro ABAP from SAP Fiori for S/4HANA. You'll find the most relevant materials and explanations in the SAP Fiori wiki site.


How to add the tiles for the co-liabilities accounting clerk?

You'll need to define a technical catalog and create the relevant target mapping and a new static tile with the parameters of the WDA transactions for co-liability.

You can access the SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer (Current Client) in the IMG activity IMG Path: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > SAP NetWeaver > UI Technologies > SAP Fiori > Configuring Launchpad Content > Adding Apps to SAP Fiori Launchpad > Configure Target Mappings and Tiles > SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer (Current Client).

The PFCG role for Co-Liabilities Accounting Clerk is SAP_FICA_COLI_CLERK. However, the role only contains one webdynpro application, the co-liability launchpad.

If you want to add one Fiori tile per transaction of the co-liability menu you can get the name of the webdynpro applications via transaction LPD_CUST and role FICA_COLI.


How to add the tiles for the DCM caseworker (SAP Debt Collection Management)

SAP Debt Collection Management on S/4HANA is planned in release 2020.

Once the SAP S/4HANA is released and the final scope of SAP DCM is set I'll update this blog post accordingly for the Debtor Overview, the debt sets and the enforcement actions.


How to add the tiles for the call center agent (SAP Financial Customer Care)

The SAP Financial Customer Care (SAP FCC) that was initially available on SAP CRM has been released on S/4HANA 1909 SPS01 as part of S/4HANA Service. See the SAP PS Roadmap announcement.

There is no front-end role delivered for business role S4C_PSCD_IC "Financial IC Agent PS". One option is then to open the application in standalone mode, meaning a separate window is opened within the WebClient UI Shell.

For this purpose, I advise you to follow the excellent blog posts How to access WebClient UI Apps from Fiori launchpad in Standalone Mode and Fiori Launchpad Integration for WebClient UI in S/4HANA of my colleague saminder.kaur.

You can also bring the user experience to the next level and have the WebClient UI pages designed in SAP Fiori style, leveraging the responsive layout and adapting the dynamic header. I definitely recommend the two blog posts of my colleague irina.zhilina: WebClient UI for SAP S/4HANA and Designing WebClient UI Pages in SAP Fiori Style


How to add tiles to access SAP Case Management

SAP CRM Case Management is part of S/4HANA Service since release 1909 (see SAP Help - What's new in SAP S/4HANA 1909).

The front-end role SAP_BR_CUSTOMER_SERVICE_MGR is delivered for the business role S4C_SRV_PRO "Service Professional". In the "Operations" subgroup, the "Search Cases" tile is available.


Where is the "Search Form Bundle" Fiori App?

You may be searching for the Fiori App mentioned in the blog post "New SAP Fiori Transactional app for Tax and Revenue Management and more".

You'll find it in the frontend role SAP_BR_CSR_TRM "Customer Service Representative - Tax and Revenue Management", it is now called "Form Bundle".


How to add the SAP Side Panel?

You can check this blog post for further information "SAP TRM: How to easily enhance the Taxpayer Overview".


And the result is...

Once properly defined and customized, the frontend roles can be accessed via the SAP Business Client in a seamless way.


Example of an ABAP transaction: FPL9 - Account balance


Example of a webdynpro for ABAP application: TPOV - Taxpayer Overview


Example of a WebClient UI Shell in a separated mode: SAP Financial Customer Care


Last but not least: example of an SAP Fiori application: Business Partner Financial Overview


And voilà.