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Hey Readers,

I hope you are all doing well!

In this topic, I will guide you through how to create the translation of quote actions and quote tabs on the CPQ application. If you have been working on the CPQ application and are facing issues with the quote tab translations, this article may help you with the simple steps to create the translation in your desired language.

You can translate each standard action by clicking and selecting the language you wish to translate in the drop-down list.

Here are the following steps to achieve this:

Translation procedure for actions:

1. Navigate to the CPQ setup page > workflow > actions.

2. Choose the translation symbol under the Actions column. Refer to the following image:

3.Choose the preferred language from the drop-down. Refer to the following image:

4. Add the translated word in that empty box. Refer to the following image:

5. Now save it.

Note: Languages are translated only for available translations


Translation procedure for custom quote tabs:

1. Navigate to the Workflow> Custom quote tabs> choose the message icon.

2. Choose your desired language through the select language option.

3. Add your translation and save it.

4. Observe the output under the quote tab.


Thank you for reading this article.

Stay tuned!!!