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Are you reading this while being in an office right now? Then you should know the value of great workspace.

Most employees spend more time at work than at home and corporate real estate brings many stakeholders and a diverse ecosystem together: from external service providers, insurances, accounting teams to HR and many more. Despite 81% claiming that the digital transformation is a major item on their to-do lists, corporates across all industries still manage real estate valued at more than 3 trillion Euros in spread sheets. There’s much to do: challenges include regulation, digitalization and professionalization. With turning physical digital, real estate also taps into the market of IoT, an estimated $1.46 TN spending in the global IoT market in 2020.


Digitize building portfolios with SAP Cloud for Real Estate

Get going with SAP Cloud for Real Estate, a cloud solution for corporate real estate management, intelligently connecting people, buildings and businesses in SAP Leonardo’s spirit and leveraging latest technology like IoT, Blockchain, VR and Intelligent Data. All of this is easy because it runs on the SAP Cloud Platform, open to seamless integration with SAP and further partner applications.


SAP solution for corporate real estate awarded for outstanding interface design

Data is great but even greater is data in the right format. Great user experience boosts both monetary and human values and this solution nailed great and easy-to- use design. (Read: Blog on SAP UX Community and Official Red Dot Design Award 2017 Presence)


Five Facts

Our roundup of LoB news to get you thinking and debating:


 1. The future of the workspace

Modern ways of working and additional outsourcing of processes will reduce the amount of space needed. 60% will focus on using their space more efficiently. A professional approach to exploiting the (emerging) technologies will create genuine added value for the companies.


 2. Countdown to January 2019

Time to wake up: Despite new leasing guidelines IFRS 16, almost 20% of those surveyed have not yet looked at the new regulations. [Watch: Overview of the new compliance requirements]


 3. Better business performance by shaping the employee experience

Every second employee spends at least 44% of their wake time at their workplace during the entire week. CIOs can make them one of the 16% whose productivity rises with flexible workplaces.


 4. Pressure from Finance departments for 2nd biggest cost item

Corporate real estate often accounts for a large proportion of running costs, meaning that optimization would involve a considerable return on investment. [Read: Solution Brief]


 5. Let’s get digital with the physical

81% of surveyed companies see “high potential” in digitalization of real estate but 50% have failed to embrace it to a satisfactory degree yet. Find out what needs to be on their digital agenda. [Watch: SAP Leonardo Demo at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017]


Quote of the Day

“This is how the new world should look like!”

— Juergen Mueller, Chief Innovation Officer at SAP, presenting SAP Cloud for Real Estate in Bill’s opening keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

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Get SAP Cloud for Real Estate, location management option, on the SAP Store. Also visit for a free trial.


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