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In this blog post, I will explain which steps are required to configure and complete the transmission of EFD-Reinf events using asynchronous communication via Process Integration (PI).

If you are not already contextualized with the new way of sending EFD-Reinf events asynchronously, read the General Definitions section on the blog TDF: EFD-Reinf 2.1.1 – How to Transmit the Events Asynchronously Using HTTP Client.


You must have Support Package 17 of TDF installed and updated as per list of prerequisite notes for the SAP installation note:


Required Settings in PI

Due to the use of the Rest protocol, PI also requires adaptation. Follow the example of profile 1 contained in SAP Note 2708581 - ECC Support for Outbound Connections in SAP NW AS Java. For more information about what these parameters represent in PI, visit the blog SAP PO TLS and ciphers: an overview.Example profile for enabling all EC Chipers Suites.


To find the EFD-Reinf scenario in the SAP NetWeaver PI system, follow these steps:

  1. Access transaction SXMB_IFR.

  2. Choose Enterprise Services Builder.

  3. Choose TMFLOCBR 100.

  4. Under, choose Process Integration Scenarios.

  5. Choose one of the following EFD-Reinf scenarios: Reinf21_BATCH_Envio_Lote or Reinf21_BATSR_Consulta_Protocolo.

The system uses the EFD-Reinf scenarios as follows:

  • Reinf21_BATCH_Envio_Lote: To send the batch of events to the government.

  • Reinf21_BATSR_Consulta_Protocolo: To check the government's response about the batch of events that was previously sent.

Since the EFD-Reinf events protocol has changed to REST, the communication channel will differ from the old versions. You can check the following communication channel template as a help to realize the configuration of your communication channel:

  • Reinf21_BATCH_REST_Receiver: Send Batch

  • Reinf21_BATSR_REST_Receiver: Check Response



Add-on Configuration Review

If you used to send via HTTP, to send the events via PI, you must remove the EFD-Reinf entry in the Government Communication using Local System (/TMF/MD_SOACOMM) configuration.


Transmission of Events

Keeping the experience of sending the events, the way to broadcast them remains the same. Once the PI is configured, simply follow the steps described in detail in the How to Transmit the Events session in the blog post TDF: EFD-Reinf 2.1.1 – How to Transmit the Events Asynchronously Using HTTP Client.


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See you next time!

Rodolfo Felipe Celante

TDF Development Team

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