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Designing and establishing new business and billing models is a thrilling topic for any enterprise.


To give you thoughtful food about this topic, we started an expert series of first hand information.

This page here acts as an easy access to the articles of this series - bookmark it and come back soon to see more new blogs in the list.


This blog is part of a blogs series:

#1 Optimize Your Business and Easily Manage One Million Bills a Month

#2    Start Small, Plan Big: How to Embrace Successfully the World of Subscriptions

#3   Transform your business for Revenue Growth amid Covid19 crisis

#4  Our First Virtual SAP BRIM Conference – Some Highlights

#5 – Are You Streaming Music or still Buying Records?

#6 – Optimize Your Business Now

#7 – Getting Started on the 5G Monetization Journey

#8 – Making Business Sense of Data to Enable Usage-Based Billing

#9 – How Industrial Machinery Manufactures Can Unlock Value From Data

#10 – How to Unlock New Monetization Models in Media with a Platform Built for the Digital Age

#11 – 5G Networks Make Billing System Upgrades a Necessity

#12 – From Hype to Reality – Delivering the Benefits of Mobility as a Service with an Innovative Bil...

#13 – Opportunities to Unlock Real-Time Contextual Customer Experience Business Models in the Consum...


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