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This week our first virtual conference about SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management went live for two days. 

We had various interesting use cases and discussions with customers and partners. I would like to point out some highlights, which are worth to be shared. 


We started with SAP itself as a great example for digital transformation. Andreas Bonifart as a global process manager explained, how SAP is handling these changes using SAP BRIM. The product portfolio is more and more moving towards cloud and subscription-based services, which has a big impact on required backend processes. The aim is to use a fully-fledged BRIM as a central hub to handle all usage data created by different sources.  

Document volume is increasing drastically, and BRIM shall be used as a strategic enabler to automate and scale the strategic business initiative. Customer self-services are one key element in a B2B environment on the journey towards a low and no-touch transaction system.  

One big challenge in this transition is the change of the users mindsets. If users don't trust the system, they start checking it. This is of course no longer possible with larger volumes. Thus, users must learn, that the system tells them, when to do something instead they are telling the system what to do. 


Jesper Hök from DigitalRoute and responsible for our partner solution SAP Convergent Mediation from Digital Route showed a great example how to use SAP Subscription Billing and Convergent Mediation integrated with Entitlement Management based on a wine bar. The example showed how to convert raw data - wine consumption in a bar, measured based on IOT - into billable items. Based on real time notifications, customers can be informed about consumption in real-time to increase transparency. Otherwise, it can be a big surprise at the end of the month, if the invoice is higher than expected. Also, the operational team can be informed for replenishment.  


It is really amazing to see how many industries benefit from BRIM functionality in a big variety of use cases. The next example is For this connected care use cases, SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management is used to offer integrated mobility services to their customers. Considering the fact, that the amount of travel within urban areas will triple by 2050, this is really an increasing market.  

BRIM was used as an aggregator for different services around the car into one single platform. The consumer has one single account and can consume services around parking, insurance, fuel or breakdown recovery. You can imagine that this brings high requirements towards the system landscape which is managing these processes. Usage from different sources must be aggregated, different payment methods need to be considered and last but not least, the high data volume requires a highly automated system with a minimum of manual processes. decided for SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, as the key functionality needed has been offered out of the box, such as a variety of simple and complex offering and monetization models or strong mediation capabilities. 


An impressive use case with regards to high volume is Jio, a company providing internet access to the masses in India. Here, the system has to deal with more than 400 million subscribers. Rating and charging has been provided for all of these customers. Per day, the system can handle 5 million activations, 40 million or recharging processes as well as more than 1 million of customers to be onboarded. These are really amazing numbers and you can imagine that a system of that size requires process excellence and a very high level of process automation to cope with these numbers. Especially, as Jio wants to provide real time experience to its customers, including an onboarding process completed within 10 seconds, real time rating and charging processes and the ability to use self-care services based on real time basis. Partners shall benefit from real-time settlement and an online incentive and commissioning system.  

These are just a few highlight of the session, but there is plenty more content, that just does fit into one blog post. 


Participating Customers

All sessions will be available for 4 more weeks on the TACook Platform. I would like to encourage you to take some time and dig into the different use cases and experience our customers have made.


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