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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When it comes to access a taxpayer-centric overview, tax administrations implementing SAP TRM/PSCD are redirected to the Taxpayer Overview (TPOV) and the Business Partner Overview (FMCACOV). The first is a WebDynpro for ABAP application that provides information related to taxation processes, the latter is a SAPGUI transaction that focuses on liabilities and follow-on documents like payments, correspondence, installment plans…

New improvements to TPOV have also been delivered in EhP8, see Innovation Discovery

However, each tax administration often has very specific requirements for taxpayer-related additional information to the tax agent in these two transactions, the classic  "I want to see everything relevant on one screen" request.

Available on the same instance as the ERP starting EhP6, the Side Panel for Business Suite offers an easy, flexible, low-cost and effective answer to this expectation.

The Side Panel for Business Suite displays additional context-sensitive information for SAP GUI and WebDynpro applications in a separate screen area on the right hand side of the screen. It is only available in the Windows release of the SAP Business Client (formerly known as the SAP Netweaver Business Client - SAP NWBC).

The Side Panel is composed of CHIPS (Collaborative Human Interface Part). A chip is a piece of software that provides a function. A chip can be used to display a chart, call a web service, show a report, enter notes, create attachments…

The logic is that fields in the content area are tagged as context-relevant and are therefore set at the disposal of each CHIP as input parameters.

For instance, the default context of the Taxpayer Overview contains:

  • The Business Partner Number

  • The Contract Account Number

  • The Contract Object Number

In order to add the Form Bundle Number to the context, please implement OSS Note 2403353 - TRM: Side Panels and OB navigation in TPOV.

See below an example of the context of the Taxpayer Overview:

Additional fields in the "content" area can be tagged as context-relevant in the IMG customizing of the Side Panel.

Standard delivery for TRM/PSCD has only three chips:

  • Business Partner Master Data

  • Contract Account Master Data

  • Contract Object Master Data

However adding new customer-specific CHIPs that will match 100% of the requirements can easily be developed in WedDynpro for ABAP.

See below the chip that calls a Google Maps service to locate the address of the taxpayer using coordinates.


The Side Panel also offers a generic CHIP to enter notes (both public and private) on objects from the SAP Business Object Repository. Practically, customer can define a chip to enter/display notes at the level of the "Business Partner" (tax-independent) and another chip to enter/display notes at the level of the "Contract Object" (tax dependent). Even better : should notes have already been defined in the Generic Object Services on the Business Partner prior to the set up of the Side Panel, they are now displayed in the CHIP "Notes"!

Another example would be to call a web service and fetch the details from an external registry, such as the Registry of Commerce or the Land Registry, in a specific CHIP.

Possible other CHIPS can

  • show the inbound correspondence requests with deferral and submission date

  • list the business partner addresses with the associated usage

  • display a diagram with the total amount of tax per period key over the last five years

  • ...


The final result can then look like the screenshot below.


CHIPs and Side Panel can also be activated for any SAPGUI or WebDynpro transaction, such as FMCACOV or FPL9.


Last but not least, using Customizing and Configuration options, different side panels can be defined and assigned to different groups of users. Users can also personalized the order of the CHIPS, define which ones remain open or closed, hide or show the Side Panel…


For more information on the Side Panel for Business Suite and the setup procedure


For more information on the SAP Business Client


The blog posts below provide an excellent step-by-step approach to understand the Side Panel and create your first CHIP.

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and of course the authorizations!