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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
To start the year, the first SP13 Visual Modeler SAP Note 3001427 was released last January. Following that, the recently released SAP Note 3006699 for Visual Modeler is also relevant which includes enhancements and fixes for a better user experience.

In this blog post, let me provide additional information on what to expect with the new SAP Note 3006699 - FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP13: Visual Modeler Screens enhancements and fixes (02).

Modeling (Read-only)

  • Improved styling in Palette

The first enhancement included in this note is an improved styling in Palette. The diagram nodes/groups now occupy more of the unused space and the node title does not overlap with the width of the node child.

  • Enable Show button for Model Table Transport Data = No

Another feature added in Modeling Screen is when Transport Data flag of Model Table is unchecked, the Show button is enabled. If Show button is clicked, a new tab opens that leads to the Data Maintenance screen.

Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • Improved styling in Palette

Just like in the Modeling Screen, the styling of Palette in the Report Management Screen is also enhanced.

  • Rename of Analyze to Visualize

Previously when a Query function is selected and visualized, the link and the browser tab is named Analyze. For consistency, it has been renamed and the browser tab along with its link is now Visualize in this note.

  • Region support for Sunburst Chart Type is now available

From the previously released Visual Modeler SAP Note, the region support became available for Donut Chart Type. In this note, region settings for Sunburst Chart Type is now supported as well.

  • Add drilldown in Sunburst Chart Type

In connection with above, drilldown feature in Sunburst Chart Type is included. Initially, clicking on the innermost level (parent nodes) will enable drilldown. Once the parent node is greyed out, usercan continue to click on its outer levels (child nodes) which explores data in depth.

  • Slide feature in time window for timebar

For Chart Types with Timebar Settings like Bar/Column, Process, and Relationship the time window can be moved within the timebar as preferred.


Several fixes were also included in this note to solve issues such as:

Environment Screen (Read-only)

  • Previously when user clicks on expand button in History Version section, the history versions of selected environment does not expand.

This note fixes the issue and will expand the history versions of the selected environment when the expand button is clicked.


  • Before in the Environment Screen, when a node or environment from below the list is dragged upwards, the Environment list does not scroll up. This issue is addressed with this note and dragging the node or environment handle to the top will auto-scroll the environment list upwards.


Modeling Screen (Read-only)

  • The issue of Modeling Screen crashing when two model tables that contain large data records are selected in sequence is also addressed in this note. Once note is implemented, the Modeling Screen will no longer result to crash when selecting a second model table that contains large data records.

  • In connection to the aforementioned issue, this note also fixes the Modeling Screen crash when user tries to expand the Properties Panel while a Model Table containing 100k or more data records is selected.


  • After implementing SAP Note 3001427, an unexpected behavior occurs when Header Tools (Show, Analyze, Analyze in Excel, Configuration, and Messages) in Modeling Environment is clicked which redirects to PEC instead of the local system.

The fix to this issue is included in this note and clicking on header Tools (Show, Analyze, Analyze in Excel, Configuration, and Messages) button should redirect to local system accordingly.

Process Management (Read-only)

  • Included fix in this note is the incorrect Process Instance length with respect to date of activity in the Process Management screen.

  • Previously, there was an issue wherein:

    1. Expand Process nodes.

    2. Perform a right-click, a context menu appears.

    3. Select an option from the context menu in Add... (in example: Task below)

    4. Selecting the added task results the application to crash.

Once this note is implemented, the context menu is disabled and will no longer appear in the Process Management screen.

Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • An issue in the Report Management screen occurred wherein some of the Bar/Column charts in various sample contents disappear after Simulation is performed.

When note is implemented, this will fix the issue and the Bar/Column charts will render properly after Simulation.

  • There was an issue when launching Reports via selection of Process Template from Modeling for some Sample Content environments, the application results to crash. Implementing this note fixes the issue and the Report Management screen will successfully load.

  • Additionally, issue wherein filters are not displayed in Field Settings after performing drillthrough action is also addressed by this note.

  • Lastly, this note also fixes the issue with the value of a field that changes to other language in Qualitative Reports even though EN is set as the default login language.


These are the included features and fixes when applying the SAP Note 3006699. In case you have not seen the blog about the first major SP13 Visual Modeler SAP Note that was released, you may check the link below:

Thank you for taking the time reading this blog post. We will keep you informed once a new Visual Modeler SAP Note is available.