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Before the year 2020 ended, SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 released support package (SP12) which included Visual Modeler Enhancements wherein a blogpost was published to give the readers a brief overview of the solution’s latest release. And just few weeks after, the first major SP13 Visual Modeler SAP Note was released. In this blog post, I will provide more information on what to expect in SAP Note 3001427 - FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP13: Visual Modeler Screens enhancements and fixes (01).

Visualize Screen Visualize/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • New Chart Type called Dimension Value is  now Available.

Previously, Visual Modeler has already supported analyze visualization  "Numeric Point" which allows displaying aggregated measure value. This new chart type "Dimension Value" has the ability to display dimension value in a similar manner.

  • Region support for Donut Chart is now available

Just like Bar and Pie Charts, region settings for Donut Chart is now supported. This feature supports the ability for Charts in Visualize Screen to be displayed on top of a map with data points appearing on given locations.

  • Save to server capability for Sheet Chart Type

In SP12 package release, Sheet Chart type was already included. However, save to server is not supported in SP12 yet. In this note, it is now possible to save Sheet Chart layout as well as save the changes done in the data of the chart.

  • The default green color of Sheet Chart was changed from green to SAP blue color



Several fixes were also included in this note to solve issues such as:

Modeling Screen (Read-only)

  • Previously there was an issue wherein:

    1. Expanding the properties panel

    2. Selecting any function

    3. Collapsing the properties panel again, the diagram does not reflow correctly and is not extended to it's full width.

This note will fix this issue in Modeling Screen wherein reflow of the diagram behaves incorrectly after several expanding and collapsing of properties panel.


  • Additionally, issue where some environments containing model writers with different input Model BW/Model RDL does not load or loads incorrectly was also addressed by this SAP Note.

In the example below, there is one Model BW function in one environment that is not visible when environment is opened in Visual Modeler.

Process Management Screen (Read-only)

  • Before in Process Management Screen, Process Instances created also appear in the palette and can be dragged from palette to diagram to create a new Process Instance. This was corrected in this note as Process Instances should be based only on Process Templates from Modeling Screen. Once this note is implemented, only the Process Templates created in Modeling Screen will appear once palette is expanded.

Visualize/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • In Report Management Screen, when the properties panel is expanded and the user moves to another report tab and goes back to the first report tab and collapsed the properties panel, the charts do not reflow correctly and fit to the report element container. This issue is also fixed in this SAP Note.

  • Issue wherein deleting one report element and then performing undo redo action deletes all report elements in the Report Management Screen was also fixed in this note.

  • Another fix included in this note is the issue wherein in some environments, some report elements are not spread in full width to their container.

  • Previously when hovering to dimensions of Sankey Chart, correct tooltip is not displayed as it only shows the details of the first dimension when user hovers to the dimensions below. This issue has been fixed in this note.

  • Issue wherein application crashes when Process Template is selected in Modeling Screen to open Report Management is also one items fixed in this note.

  • Lastly, the issue wherein report elements crashes or shows error after performing drillthrough action was also fixed in this note.

Those are the new features and fixes included in SAP Note 3001427. I hope that you learned something new and thank you for reading this blog post. We will keep you posted once a new Visual Modeler SAP Note is available.