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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It is almost halfway through the year, SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 will release support package (SP14) this coming June 21, 2021 and a blogpost has been published to provide users and readers an overview of the new functionalities offered.

Aside from this, the second SAP Note 3042787- FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP14: Visual Modeler Screens enhancements and fixes (02) has been released and in this blog post, let me share with you additional information of what’s included related to the enhancements and fixes for SP14 Visual Modeler. Just incase you haven't read the first released SAP Note 3032037, you can check the posted blogpost about it.

Modeling (Read-only)

  • Extended modeling search

Previously, users can only search for fields and functions. Now, it has been extended to include the following:

    • Node identifiers like Field property

    • Function rules (Rule_ID) and Rule descriptions.

    • Function with Result model tables

  • Information about cursor column and line position is visible for SQL Formula editor

Another enhancement is adding visibility of the cursor column and line position in SQL Formula editor.


Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • Toggle Fields added in Story Filters

Lastly, Toggle fields have been added in the Story filters to make it more convenient and user friendly like Process Selections.


Several fixes were also included in this note to solve issues such as:

Environment Screen (Read-only)

  • Context Menu for Go To Options disappear when opening link in new tab / window

During the development phase, an error occurred wherein the Browser's Context menu appears when trying to open link in a new tab.

This note fixes this issue and now it shows the Context Menu for Go to Options.

  • Environment is missing from the node

Another instance is an environment is missing from the node and the folder appears to be empty once selected.

This is also fixed by this note and the desired environment appears in the selected node.

  • Missing icons in the Application

Another encountered issue is the icons are missing in the Visual Modeler application.

This note also fixes this issue and shows again the icons.

  • Incomplete border of property panel for Navigate to Reports and History Version



Modeling Screen (Read-only)

  • Delayed in showing number of cells containing the error

An error also occurred when a user copy and paste data in Model Table, it takes a while before it shows the correct number of incorrect cells.

Implementing this note will resolve the issue and will automatically detect the number of incorrect cells.

  • Wrong reflow of the diagram after expanding Properties panel

Another error when expanding the Properties panel in Modeling screen results to incorrect reflow of the diagram.

This issue is fixed in this note wherein expanding the Properties panel will not show any scrollbar on the right and the diagram also reflows correctly.

  • Search in Modeling Position takes a lot of space

Another issue encountered in Modeling is when trying to search, it is noticeable in the image below that it takes a lot of space up the sidebar and positioning of search is incorrect.

            After fixing this issue, Search is already displayed on top within the sidebar.

  • Checks are not allowed to create multiple Check_IDs with the same message text

This issue is also resolved in this note and allows user to create multiple Check_Ids with the same message text since Message text is a free text field.

  • Searching results to collapsed or broken Palette.

After fixing this issue, results can be seen properly in the Palette.

  • General section of Model Table HANA keeps on loading

Another issue encountered, the General section of Model Table HANA doesn’t display the Connection Name dropdown and only keeps on loading.

This error is also fixed in this note wherein the General section is successfully loading and Connection name is available.

  • Sheet chart or Workbook calculation rules shows green status bar and file menu instead of blue

One of enhancements mentioned in What to expect in the latest Visual Modeler SP13 SAP Note 3001427 is to change the default green color of Sheet Chart to SAP blue color.

While in the development phase, Sheet Chart and Workbook calculation rules returned to default color green.

This has also been fixed and the Sheet Chart and Workbook calculation rules returned to SAP blue color.

  • Expanded Model Table with Transport Data Set to ‘No’ does not have collapse/minimize button

This is fixed in this note and the minimize button is available in order to return in the normal modeling view.

  • Parameter does not appear under Parameter Defaults

Another issue encountered is the created Parameter does not appear under Parameter Defaults in the Properties Panel.

After resolving this issue, the created Parameter is now available under Parameter Defaults.

  • An error occurred ‘not available in possible options’ even if Hierarchy is existing

The issue reported is also resolved in this note and no error should occur if there is an existing Hierarchy and can be selected in the dropdown option.

  • Some reserved words such as FROM and JOIN is commented out in formula editor and causes an error

This reported issue is also fixed and syntax which are commented out is not getting validated.

Additionally, an issue is encountered related to the above wherein Reserved words are still considered a regular word inside a quote of Formula.

After fixing the issue, Formula using reserved words is now possible in any formula editor.

Process Management (Read-only)

  • Searching in Palette, results to broken or grey border and background for the whole group.

This issue is fixed also in this note and it is no longer collapsed when searching and returned to SAP blue border and white background.

Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • Fields under Field Settings disappears after adding field in Calculated Measures or Calculated Dimensions


This issue is also resolved wherein the created fields for Calculated Measures and Calculated Dimensions are available in under Field Settings.

  • Searching results to collapsed or broken Palette.

After fixing this issue, results can be seen properly in the Palette.

  • In the Styling section, the label of the color picker is intersecting the picker border.

After the fix, color label does not intersect with the border.

  • Copying a table with charts and making changes in the copied table - the same changes will then also be seen in the original table with charts

This note also fixed this issue, so after making changes in the copied table, the changes doesn’t replicate in the original table.

  • Expanded report element crashes

This is also fixed and it is now again possible to maximize report element.

  • Visualize Query with Formula and Selection crashes

There was also an issue when visualizing a Query where there is a formula and selection configured in Modeling causes to crash. This note also fixes the issue and visualizing the Query no longer produces a crash.

  • Relationship Diagram chart crashes

Another issue encountered was related to selecting relationship diagram results to crash in the application. After fixing the issue, the report element does not crash once the relationship diagram is selected.

  • Missing slider when declaring Parameter value

An issue is encountered when declaring Parameter value, the slider is missing which causes to manually enter the value.

After fixing this issue, slider is again available in Report Management.

  • Can create reports with the same name and in separate tabs

And the last issue encountered is about creating reports displayed in separate tabs, but have the same name and content.

And after fixing this issue, creating reports are now corrected to have different names and their contents aren't bound together.

Those are the new enhancements and fixes included when implementing the newest Visual Modeler SAP Note 3042787. Thank you for reading this blog post. We will keep you posted once a new Visual Modeler SAP Note is available.