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Few weeks back, one of my colleagues has written a blog post about the second SAP Profitability and Performance Management SP12 Visual Modeler SAPNote (2980346). Today, I will give you additional information about another note that was released recently for Visual modeler, SAPNote 2981593.

This new SAP Note 2981593 is just equally as important as the first two visual modeler SP12 note as it contains new released feature and various fixes. In this blog post, let me explain the enhancements and fixes included in the new SAPNote 2981593 - FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP12: Visual Modeler Screens enhancements and fixes (03).

Studio Application

Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • Background Color Selector is now available in property panel of Visualize Screen.

The first feature released in this note is the addition of background color selector in the properties panel of Visualize Screen. With this new feature, user will be able to choose a background color for the visualize screen chart selected.

  • New Chart Type called Sunburst is now available.

Another feature released with this note is the availability of a new Chart Type, Sunburst. It is a chart type which is used to visualize hierarchical data in a circular shape. The inner elements are parent nodes, with child nodes distributed on the outer rings. Clicking on a parent node drills down and inspects the tree in more detailed manner.

Several fixes were also included in this note to solve issues such as:

Modeling Screen (Read-only)

  • Disable Visualize Button in case Query = AfO

Previously, when a Query of type AfO is chosen and visualized, this causes a crash in application since Query of AfO type should only be compatible with Analyze in Excel Button. To avoid confusion, Visualize button has been disablen in case Query of type AfO is selected.

  • Disable Visualize Button in case function selected is not a Query Function

As extension of above fix, visualize button is also disabled in case function selected is not a Query Function.

Visualize Screen/Report Management Screen (Editable)

  • Report elements for some Sample Content does not render correctly.

During the development phase an issue occurred wherein some of the report elements in various sample contents are not loading properly.


This note fixes this issue and will now render the report elements properly.


  • Only one legend appears on some chart types even though multiple measures are selected.

At the same instance, on a maximized report element or standalone visualize screen, in case legend is enabled in property panel, only one legend appears on some chart types even though multiple measures are selected.

This note fixes this issue and legends for measure is now working and visible for various chart types.

  • Page unresponsive pop up message appears when refresh icon in the header tools is triggered

Previously, selecting or choosing refresh button in Report Management screen results to unresponsive page

This note fixes this issue and report management renders properly now after refresh of the application screen.

  • Typing in editor immediately after choosing header options like Numbered List, Bulleted List and To do List is not possible.

As already included in the item above, there was an issue wherein after choosing any of the header options as shown in step 1 below, then typing any text in reference with the cursor pointer as shown in step 2 was not possible. Pointer also does not blink which shows unresponsive state.


Once this note is implemented, then it will fix the aforementioned issue above.

These are all the fixes relevant when applying this newest Visual Modeler SAP Note 2981593. Thank you for reading this blog post. We will keep you posted once a new Visual Modeler SAP Note is available.

In case you have not seen yet the blog about the previously released blogs relevant for SP12 Visual Modeler SAP Note, you may check it in the link below. Ciao!