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Another year has passed, and a fresh new year begins. We are looking forward to the year 2023 with full of opportunities. That being said, at the end of December 2022, SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 (PaPM) released the support package SP20 which includes new features and enhancements for PaPM On-Premise.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you may read the blogpost SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 Support Package 20 created for the SP20 release to give you an overview of the new features offered.

Along with the newly released support package, we are now releasing an SAP Note to guide you through the new features, enhancements, and improvements that the Visual Modeler has to offer.

Now, allow me to present all the interesting features, enhancements, and improvements covered by SAP Note 3278816 FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP21 Visual Modeler Screens Enhancements and Fixes (1)

Environment Screen

  • Before it was enhanced, the search bar on the environment’s screen header did not show the search keyword/criteria when collapsed. Now it does, as you can see on the following screenshot:

Modeling Environment Screen

  • The Paste button in the header and the shortcut CTRL+V are now always enabled and work as expected when fields, parameters or checks are copied or cut.

  • The Recycle Bin feature was enhanced to show deleted functions/entities.

  • When creating DDIC fields with data type FLTP (Floating Point Number) the system now assigns 16 as default data length and data decimals.

  • The “Display as GRID“ feature for Process Templates is introduced to view the process management in an order specified by the user.


  • When two Model HANA View functions with different configurations are selected, the Connection Name field and mapped fields are now showing <distinct values> as entry instead of blanks. This is to avoid making the wrong impression that the fields are not configured.

  • Copying and pasting of entities via the clipboard across the environment is now feasible.

  • The 'Empty Value' selection in the Value Selection field has been enhanced to have a consistent validation when you:

    • selects an empty value for equality operators without validation error for CHAR field

    • selects an empty value for NOT equality operators result to a red color validation message ('an empty value is only allowed for equality operators’) and line for CHAR field.

    • select an empty value for KF field, it results to 0,00 and no validation error should encounter to all the logical operators.

    • selects an empty value for NOT equality operators result to a sap red color validation message ('an empty value is only allowed for equality operators’) and line for UN field.

Note: There will be no changes in color for 'Empty Value' regardless of whether a validation message is displayed.

  • The validation error message has been enhanced to be more specific regarding the source field mapping of Model Table HANA.

  • When using the "between“ and "not between“ logical operators of the DATS field, the validation has been enhanced to show correct messages.

  • When selecting ”Empty Value“ in the value selection of key figure fields, the system now displays zero along with data decimals depending on the configuration in the Fields node.

  • When adding a selection condition value for the characteristic fields DATS and TIMS, the refresh button was replaced by an Add (+) button for clarity.

  • To help you identify the status of the function, the status icon in the model diagram is now enabled.

  • The data decimal and data length for key figures with data type QUAN is retained after refresh as part of the optimization.

  • You can now hover over the Validation section in the header.

  • The system no longer displays an error message when you save a key figure in the query component selection that has the layout types “Column”, “Free” and “Row”.

  • The system has been enhanced so that the original configuration of functions, fields or parameters is displayed when using the Undo button.

  • Additional improvement was done, so that the data type of the mapped fields will not change.

  • Ensure consistent validation when mapping NCLOB data types to HANA tables.

  • The Erase Data button is now enabled in the Execution activity.

  • Now the gray relationship arrow on the modeling screen does not disappear after refresh.

  • The activation of a Query function is now working when you use fix selection in STRG field.

  • You can now define one Key Figure field in the added selection in Query Elements.

  • The format summary in the Data Editor has been enhanced when uploading a file in a Model Table.



Process Management  

  • After refresh the Gantt Bars are now displayed properly:


  • The performer and reviewer groups are now positioned properly when adding a process instance:

  • The limitation of users with User Role EXECUTION_USER_ALL has been enhanced to disabled the Activity Start Date and Due Date field.

  • The iteration of the auto-generated process has been refined and is now in sequence.

  • Additional performance improvements now ensure that the Process Management screen does not freeze when you create or delete a process instance.

  • The Process Management screen has been optimized so that short dumps no longer occur when you drag and drop the process template outside the diagram.

  • The alignment of process instance and activity bar dates have also been enhanced.

  • The performance when expanding Processes and Activity nodes has been improved.

  • When greyed out the updating of the start and end date of nodes/activities is disabled.

  • The alignment of performer and reviewer groups for activities has been corrected.

  • The presentation has also been optimized so that the start and end dates of nodes/activities are visible in zoom-to-fit view.

  • When you (required role: EXECUTION_MAN_ALL) access changes where the activity state changes from “Open” to “Complete”, the dependent activity with the status “Pending” will automatically switch to “Open”.

  • The system now ensures that whenever a user (with EXECUTION_MAN_ALL role) unassigns a performer group from the properties panel, the reviewer group is also unassigned, and the field is greyed out.

  • The view has been enhanced so that the performer and reviewer descriptions do not overlap.

  • The performance of the application and browser when a refresh is done in the process screen has been improved.

Visualize Screen / Report Management Screen

  • This screen has been enhanced so that the alignment of the table values on the Report Management screen works as designed.

  • The Undo/Redo buttons are now working properly on the Report Management screen.

  • The saving functionality of the Report Management screen has been enhanced and now shows only the Save Changes pop-up when there are changes made.

  • Different paragraph styles now work correctly.

  • When you select a suggested value for scope, the system now makes sure that the selection does not disappear in the editor.

  • Lastly, the visibility of the axis label description has been refined in the diagonal position, so that it becomes fully readable.

Those are the new enhancements and fixes once you have implemented the newest Visual Modeler SAP Note.

Thank you for reading this blogpost! Stay tuned for the upcoming Support Packages!

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