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Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 has released a new support package (SP22) with exciting enhancements and features before the halfway mark of the calendar year 2023. But, before I go into detail about the new support package, I recommend you to read the previous blog post SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0: What's Inside Visual Modeler SP21 SAP Note 3278816... 


Now allow me to take you through the exciting features, enhancements, and improvements covered by SAP Note 3316310 - FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP22: Visual Modeler Screens Enhancements and Fixes (1).



Environment Screen 

  • The editing user interface has been enhanced so that it remains visible even when you scroll the screen up and down.

  • Column sorting has been improved so that even if you search for a keyword, the sorting of Environment, Version, History Versions, and Reports continues to work.

  • The message log on screen has been enhanced to clear the messages and then collapses the message log when you choose the Refresh button, similar to how the browser refresh works.

  • The screen’s drag and drop capabilities have been improved, so that this feature remains active even if you use another browser than Google Chrome.

  • The More Filters option in the Reports panel has been enabled to display the “Suspended”, “Aborted” and “All” options.

  • Previously, the downloaded comparison PDF file lacked header information. This has been improved to include the environment description in the header.

  • The search box on the Comparison screen has been improved so that when you loose focus on it, the search result collapses. Selecting it again displays the matched value by expanding the search result.

Modeling Environment Screen 

  • The Cut button is disabled when you select nodes inside the general entities.

  • When naming a function ID, the validation error message now notifies you that an underscore is not allowed as last character.

  • Performance issues may occur when the number of nodes in a business function or field exceeds 10,000. Therefore, a warning message was introduced to make you aware of the implications.

  • The user interface for selecting master data has been enhanced so that the dropdown menu is no longer visible when you loose focus on the field containing master data.

  • The system returns a validation error if the Hierarchy Parent Name is not defined in the Value column and is not set as a node.

  • The “Performer” and “Reviewer” group selection has been improved as follows: When you remove the “Performer” group from activities (I/O, Execution, or URL), the “Reviewer” is automatically removed and greyed out, and if the “Reviewer group” is removed, the “Performer” is still assigned.

  • You can now use the Erase Data button in Execution activity to delete data within the selected model function.

  • The palette and properties panel borders have been optimized to appear when they are expanded.

  • The external table has been refined to automatically convert text to uppercase during field mapping.

  • When uploading files via FilePicker or drag and drop, the user interface has been improved so that there is no overlapping.

  • When you choose the Erase Data button, the data in the model table is immediately cleared. The system behavior depends on the setting of the Transport Data option.Option 1: Transport Data = “Yes

    Transport Data = ”No

  • When you save a new Model Table with Transport Data = “Yes”, the system automatically activates the function and a check indicator representing its activation status is displayed.

  • The Model View OData function has been enabled and can be added and configured to the diagram.

  • Variable Default Value Filtering in the Query function has been improved to consistently display the correct data being filtered.

  • The adding of Selection Query Element in Query CDS has been improved so that the details in the properties panel are displayed consistently when selected.

  • The Activate button is now enabled even if the Query function input is “Model BW”.

  • Previously, you could select multiple key figures in the Selection Query Element. This has now been enhanced so that you can only select one key figure in the Selection Query Element.

  • The system now displays a validation error when you enter incorrect time and date values in the Variable Default Value field of the Query function.

  • The dropdown list in the Query element for fields with master data in Variable Default Value now displays the description on the left side and the value on the right side.

  • The fix selection with logical operators has been improved to consistently display the correct result on the Analyze screen.

  • The expanding and disabling of full screen mode for functions with Edit Calculation has been improved to eliminate user interface issues.


Process Management

  • In the process instance node sequencing, the newly created process instance is now always displayed at the end of the list.

  • Improved the application refresh so that changes made in the Modeling screen are reflected immediately in this screen.

  • The user interface has been improved so that when you change the start or end date of an activity, the screen still displays the activity and the scrollbar at the button is adjusted as well.

  • You can now activate and execute an activity in the Modeling and Process Management.


Visualize Screen / Report Management Screen 

  • The dimensions under the chart settings for Chord and Sankey chart types are now set to required or mandatory.

  • For the Sankey chart type, an error message is now displayed when the chart has less than two fields in the dimension settings.

  • When an editable chart is set to “Editable”, you can now edit the chart by dragging it.

  • When adding or removing dimensions  in the chart settings of a Relationship chart, the diagram is now updated immediately.

  • The pop-up screen is now displayed properly when you perform a drillthrough.


These are the new enhancements and fixes that you can expect after implementing the most recent Visual Modeler SAP Note.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Keep an eye out for upcoming Support Packages!


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