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Hello Everyone!

SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud) and its continuous dedication for constant development, brings  the much-anticipated features and enhancements.

However, if you are new in SAP PaPM Cloud, the  link below will guide you on what have been previously delivered  in your SAP PaPM Cloud tenant.

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Now, allow me to walk you through what’s new in SAP PaPM Cloud as of 2022-11-07.

Modeling Screen

Order of Process Template via “Display as” control "Grid”

As an improved way in managing and rearranging your Process Templates in Modeling screen, the “Display as” control “GRID” has been enhanced.

When this option is enabled, users will still be able to re-arrange and organize the Process Templates in their own Modeling Screen and as a great addition to this new feature, the arrangement of the Process Templates will now be visible when the user go to Process Management Screen.

You may also refer to this blogpost focusing on Managing group nodes using “Display As” control “GRID” in SAP Profitability and Performance Manageme... for more details in maximizing “Display As” control “GRID”.

Process Management Screen

1. New UI Control for Parameter Defaults in Modeling
When compared to Process Management, the Modeling Screen previously had a distinct UI control for parameter defaults that could be accessed in process templates inside the Calculation Unit information.

Modeling (before):

Process Management:

Modeling UI control has been enhanced to the same control that we have in Process Management, since Value Selection is not actually necessary in Parameters and to prevent confusion on where to input the parameter values.

Modeling (now):

The parameter fields with master data and hierarchy in the Modeling and Process Management screens have also seen an enhancement. All parent nodes can now be expanded, and values are now shown in leaf nodes. Users shouldn't be allowed to pick the parent nodes or hierarchy, just the child values.

2. Validation in Process Management Screen
In order for users to recognize the faults that are already present in Process Management Screen, a Validation section has also been added to the header, similar to what we already have in Modeling Screen. Users can view all the sections or objects on the screen that have errors or are invalid by hovering over the error icon in the header.

Additionally, it is expected that users won't be able to save modifications if there are existing issues, which is why the screen's save choices are grayed-out.

Show/Analyze Screen

Introduction of Field Description in the column headers of Export Data

Are you one of the users who is enjoying the export functionality of SAP PaPM Cloud?

But can easily get confused of the exported file with only technical field ID in the column header?

Say no more! We understand the need, hence, the exported file (CSV or XLSX) from the show or analyze screen will now include the field description along with the technical names.

Content Network

Introduction of Confirmation dialog box

When a user opts to Cancel the Import process of an environment in Content Network: Import Status view, a new confirmation dialog box is now available.

With this confirmation dialog box in place, unintentional cancellation of environment import process will be prevented in the SAP PaPM Cloud tenant.

NOTE: When an Import process cancellation is confirmed by the user, manual deletion of the Environment is still necessary in Home (Environments) screen.

I sincerely hope that this blog post was able to give you the knowledge you require for the new Features that are now accessible as of 2022-11-07. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a remark; and it can be taken into account for future updates. I would also strongly advice that you take the time to read the suggested blogpost at the beginning of this blogpost. Thank you!