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As you all might be waiting with anticipation, I'm here to present the latest enhancements and features as mentioned in the previous blog posts focusing on "What's New" in SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud). For reference, I have listed below blog posts that were released prior:

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The following latest features and enhancements are now available in your SAP PaPM Cloud tenant:


1. Writer: Selective Delete and Insert Type 

This feature can be called the “update type”. The user will not have to delete all data and write a new one, instead, just need to specify which set of data (fields) needs to be updated (delete, and insert a new data record based on the selection). 


Create two model table functions and one writer. In Calculation Unit Selection Fields section, specify which field we want to update. After that, create a process template and an executable activity inside of it with selection field that has been specified previously.

For writer it is important to use Model Writer Type: Delete and Insert and to specify input and output functions.

For the created process template, specified selection field should be enabled and there we can enter values as the criteria. Also Process Type should be RUN and Process State should be changed to Active.

For execution activity, choose the created writer.

After Save and Activate, perform Run. Then, choose the execution activity and click on Show to view the data records:

Refresh the application, check if values in output table were updated

Old data records:

New data records:

If you would want to know more about SAP PaPM Writer Selective delete-insert you can check here.

2. Validation for acceptable field names in field mapping option of Model Table and Model View HANA

Since in PaPM Cloud we can only create fields that start with letters, an improvement has been added to avoid users to map HANA table fields that start with numbers or special characters. If the fields users are trying to map start with numbers or special characters, upon choosing map fields, there will already be validation errors to those fields that are not acceptable in PaPM Cloud and user will no longer be able to proceed until all fields with errors are corrected.

See example below:

Also, description fields should be unique. It can contain anything that user wants, but it must be unique.

One more validation which was implemented is Confirm/Cancel functionality. If field is not being mapped automatically due to validation error, user can choose to fix it and confirm (by clicking on green checkmark button) or to cancel its mapping (by clicking on red cross button).

3.Modeling Function’s description in web browser tab

With this feature, maintained Function description will be reflected into the user’s web browser tabs.  This feature would be very helpful to identify specific tabs according to its description, most specially if multiple browser tabs pertaining to the Modeling environment are opened.


Application Screens

1. Data count and percentage of value progress bar in Filters dropdown

The Filters in the Show and Analyze Screens has been enhanced to allow users to be informed of the number of a certain value along with its calculated percentage based on the total count of its raw data. Once user hovers on the progress bar of a specific value’s dropdown in the Filters sidebar, its total count and corresponding percentage will be displayed in a tooltip.

Show Screen

Analyze Screen

2. Updating Technical fields in Show/Analyze Screen 

In this new feature when importing data, the technical fields in the show/analyze screen will be filled up based on the URL, which will be useful in determining where the data was uploaded.

NOTE: To display the technical fields, enable the Show technical fields toggle and check the checkbox to display the technical fields value.

Example 1: Uploading data in show/analyze screen with FID only in URL 

Example 2: Uploading data in show/analyze screen with FID, Process ID and Activity in the URL

Furthermore, while importing data, if "Replace" is selected and a filter is applied, the data erased is limited to only the filtered data.


User Preferences

1. Regional Formats (Date, Time and Number)

This feature allows the User to have an option on what Number, Date, and Time format will be used in the system. The mentioned formats are only applied for business data that are added in the function data inspector like Model Tables, Model Views, Model Join, Writer and Join. It is also applied in the Process Parameters and Selections, Show Screen, and Analyze Screen.

The Regional Formats can be configured in the User Preferences screen by going to Menu and choosing User Preferences.

The following options are available for Number Format:

      • 1.234,56

      • 1,234.56

      • 1 234,56

The following options are available for Date Format:

      • dd.MM.yyyy

      • MM/dd/yyyy

      • MM-dd-yyyy

      • yyyy.MM.dd

      • yyyy/MM/dd

      • yyyy-MM-dd

The following options are available for Time Format:

      • 24 Hour Format

      • 12 Hour Format (HH:MM:SS AM)

      • 12 Hour Format (HH:MM:SS am)


I hope that with this blog post you now have an idea of the latest features in SAP PaPM Cloud. Feel free to share this with other colleagues in case you find it helpful. If you have questions, you can raise them here in the SAP Community Questions section link

Couldn’t wait for more? Then, I suggest to bookmark the SAP PaPM Cloud community tag and stick around for the upcoming updates. Thank you!

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