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Hi Everyone,

As part of our What's New series which was promised in my colleague's previous blog SAP PaPM Cloud : “When” to expect “What” to reach your tenant, I am here to provide you the latest features and enhancements in SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud) that you can already experience.

Modeling Screen

1. Generated HANA Calculation View for Query Functions

As a part of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integration, SAC needs to access SAP PaPM Cloud data through SAC HANA live connection. Since HANA live connection only supports usage of HANA calculation views (type CUBE), generation of calculation views for query functions has been implemented. To explain further, whenever a query function is activated, a calculation view is generated on top of the database view and these generated calculation views are stored in HDI container. Users can check the generated calculation view of the Query function in the database explorer by using a select statement same as the example below:


--NOTE: In case users with proper authorization are unable
--to select the contents of calculation views,
--do remember to check the privileges of SAP_PAPM_ADMIN.
--Users can revisit the Application Help guide for
--these privileges :


See example below:

In case the users would like to use this Calculation View in SAC, they have the option to create a HANA Live Connection using the database information of the tenant where the Calculation View is generated.

Users can now utilize the SAP PaPM Cloud generated Calculation Views for usage.

Process Management and Report Management Screens

2. Change of Parameter value input/control from parameter sliders to simple numeric input field

Previously in SAP PaPM Cloud, Parameter fields in Process Management and Report Management have slider controls which sometimes cause restrictions to freely add values. So that users can fully set parameters without confusion, the control has been changed from sliders to simple numeric input field and users will now have the freedom to enter values from the whole allowed range with the validation still fully working.

Process Management

Report Management

Connection Management Screen

3. Information for users in case there are no connections to show

Previously when Connection Management Screen is empty or if there are no connections created yet in a tenant, the screen does not provide any information that there are no connections available yet. See screenshot below:

This has been enhanced so that users will be informed that there are no connections existing yet in the screen or in the tenant.

Roles and Authorizations

4. New Role to restrict access to Provisioning Screen

In the last What's new blogpost published by one of my colleagues, he mentioned the stabilization of SAP PaPM Cloud Roles. Recently, a new role ADMIN_USER_RESTRICTED has been introduced and users with this newly introduced role have an administrator role with full rights on admin screens with the exception of Provisioning Screen.

Those are the latest enhancements and new features in SAP PaPM Cloud. If you wish to receive more updates about the application in the future, just bookmark SAP PaPM Cloud Community and you will surely see more and more What's New blogposts in the future. Until then!