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Welcome to SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 Service Pack 07


With our 7th feature and enhancement-driven Service Pack, we continue to deliver great customer-focused added value for the strategic product version SAP Disclosure Management 10.1.





SP 07 is generally available from 16 September 2016 and has a focus on

  • Performance

  • New XBRL Scenarios

  • Security

  • HANA



Scenarios Covered


With these and other themes in mind, SP 07 brings added value to all customers in the scenarios of

  • Annual Statement Word Reporting

  • EU XBRL Filings

  • Filings to the Bank of Israel

  • E-Bilanz Tax Filings

  • US SEC Filings

  • Corporation Tax Online Filings to HMRC

  • Filings to the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia

  • Filings to the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

  • Italian Civil Code Filings

  • Filings to the UK Financial Reporting Council



Further Information


The following SAP Notes will tell you the more technical details:








Let us have a look at the new features and capabilities in detail.



HANA as a Data Source: CDS Views and Entities


After enhancements in SP06 (HANA SQL Queries fetching data from SQL Table Views or SQL Tables), DM now supports as well HANA CDS Views and Entities as a data source. See SAP Note 2282283 for details.



Filings to the Bank of Israel


A new entry in our list of supported XBRL scenarios is "Filings to the Bank of Israel". The process is similar to EU XBRL filing, however in this new case the input schedule templates are not provided by SAP but SAP Disclosure Management enables you to create templates on your own. Please contact SAP Support by logging an incident in SAP ONE Support Launchpad for more information.



Italian Civil Code Filings


Just another scenario: Italian customers / subsidiaries can now use SAP Disclosure Management to file their XBRL report to InfoCamere according to the Italian Civil Code.



Filings to the Financial Reporting Council


A third new addition makes our scenario support list complete.
[This information has been added to this note in Jan 2017.]



Adjustable Row-Height with Excel Templates


After "Adjustable Column Width" we are completing the picture with "Adjustable Row Heigth". - What it does? Well, in the object overview and object details there now is an additional checkbox with the same name. Once checked, the row height defined in the target Word chapter will not be adjusted according to the source Excel chapter anymore. Instead you have the freedom to choose the desired row height right in the target Word chapter.




Adjustable Row-Height with Word Templates


Guess what, the same functionality as described above is available for the "Word Template"-way to datalink. In this case - once checked - the row height defined in the source Word template will be ignored giving you the freedom to choose an intended row height right in the target Word chapter.



Approval Inbox with Downloads


To make this app even more usable, "Approval Inbox" now offers you to download revisions of all non-XBRL reports. This works on PCs as well as on mobile devices. For the latter, make sure that an app is installed to view the revision content.



App Manager


A new app called "App Manager" allows you to install and update DM Apps. In the future, a lot of DM Apps will be available from Service Market Place. To make things simple for you, they can be installed and updated independently.




US SEC Validation with arelle®


Besides the existing validation engine, Fujitsu XWand®, it is now possible to validate US SEC filing instances with the help of arelle®. Available validation types can be pre-selected by choosing from the drop-down in "Administration" -> "Plugins". Depending on your selection, the content of all validation reports from then will change. If you select both engines to be used, validation reports will include both results on separate sheets.




Enhanced Publishing Support for Excel Templates


Published HTML documents based on reports with datalinks using the "Excel Template" method are now easier to layout. You will find the same style names in Word - and the published HTML - as in the source Excel chapters. This makes it easy to apply perfect layouts to DM's published output and eliminates the need of manual adjustments.



More Supported Systems


We enhanced the variety of supported 3rd party software as follows:

  • Microsoft Office® 2016 (32- and 64-bit version) is now supported, both under the classic Microsoft license model and the newer Microsoft 365 license model. For details, read Release Note 2316234

  • Microsoft Windows® 10 is now supported

  • Microsoft Edge® is now supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 is now supported

  • Support of Java Runtime Environment SE 1.7 has been discontinued - see SAP Note 2303796



Restrict Formatting in Word


It is now supported to protect Word chapters and reports via the "Protect Document" -> "Restrict Editing" -> "Formatting restrictions" option in Microsoft Word.




Support for Multiple Chapters per EU XBRL Table


For customers with highly distributed ownership of data and responsibilities it is now possible to have more than one chapter to report facts for a single EU XBRL table. To represent these in an Excel Preview as well, the ZIP now contains several Excel files for several chapters and the files name include the chapter name next to the table name.



Improved Security for WebAPI


All WebAPI calls are now secured by an access token that is encrypted and signed by a certificate. For productive environments, it is strongly recommended to use a certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority. For more information read SAP Note 2365878.








Besides added features and capabilities we have improved a lot of what has been there.



Faster Content Refresh


By internal and external caching we enabled a content refresh that is up to 5-times faster as in previous SPs for datalinks pointing to internal data sources.



Faster Report Deletion


The deletion of reports has been speeded up by factors between 2 and 20.



Faster Local Permissions


The assigning of a lot of local permissions at once will now take significantly less of your time.



Identification of Circular References


For internal datalinks, DM now identifies circular references between chapters and warns you accordingly.



Reset of all Workflows


Used to reset the long list of all workflows inside a period one by one? With SP07 this became a 1-button click to save your time.



Assembly Version Information


To allow product and development support to better know the exact version you are talking about, the "About" dialogs and the area "Administration" -> "Plugins" now show both Build Version and Assembly Version.



ERiC in Plugin


The 3rd party component provided by the regulator, "ELSTER Rich Client - ERiC", is now included in DM E-BILANZ PLUG-IN 10.1 rather than in DM SERVER - APPLICATION SERVER 10.1. This makes it easier for you to apply updates of ERiC as they will require only a plugin upload instead of a server component update in most cases. As a nice side-effect, some parameters of the DM E-BILANZ PLUG-IN 10.1 have become obsolete and you will not find them in the DM E-BILANZ PLUG-IN 10.1 configuration anymore.



XBRL Renderer in Plugins


Likewise, the XBRL rendering algorithms have been moved from the server components to the plugins they are needed for. This enables us to deliver adjustments for new taxonomy versions to you via a smaller set of component updates which will lower your maintenance efforts.



Custom Errors


A lot of custom error pages have been added to give you a better hint to the root of an issue at the first possible occasion.






Legal Changes


SP 07 serves you in fulfilling some legal obligations as described in the following.



Solvency II EU 2.1.0


EIOPA supervisory reporting is now supported using the top regulator's taxonomy 2.1.0. The patch released on 30 August, 2016 is already covered so that you are good to go for your filing period starting 01 January 2017. See as well SAP Note 2364093.



Solvency II FR 1.0.0


French Solvency II regulator Banque de France released an own taxonomy to be used in combination with the original EIOPA taxonomy. SAP is supporting this taxonomy with the initial release of a new component together with Stack 700: SOLVENCY II FR BUS. CON. 1.0. See as well SAP Note 2362932.






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