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Product and Topic Expert

This document explains the steps to upgrade the Disclosure Management 10.1 application server.




There are 2 types of upgrades, Service Packs and Patches.

Unlike many other SAP products, the SPs and Patches of Disclosure Management 10.1 are not cumulative, so you have to be careful with the upgrade path.


In general, you cannot skip SPs, so if you are on DM 10.1 SP02 and want to upgrade to DM 10.1 SP05, you would need to install SP03, SP04 and SP05

With patches, there is a small difference. If you are on a patch within a SP and there have been subsequent patches within that SP, you need to install these, before continuing with the next SP


An example:

Assume these are the versions available

DM 10.1 SP00

DM 10.1 SP01

DM 10.1 SP01patch1

DM10.1 SP01patch2

DM 10.1 SP02

DM 10.1 SP02patch1

DM 10.1 SP03

DM 10.1 SP04


You are on DM 10.1 SP01 and want to upgrade to DM 10.1 SP04

--> You need to install SP02, SP03, SP04

You are on DM 10.1 SP01patch1 and want to upgrade to DM 10.1 SP04

-->You need to install SP01patch2, SP02, SP03, SP04


Note: this also applies to DM 10.0 so if you are upgrading to DM 10.1 you need to go through the SPs of DM 10.0 and DM 10.1


If you are not sure on what has been installed, check via the following SQL:

select * from Setup.DMSetupSchemaVersion


This provides a history of all SPs and patches that have been installed (this should not show any ‘gaps’)



Installation of Service Pack


1. Download the file from SMP (

In this example we are upgrading to DM 10.1 SP02




2. Execute the file

The initial wizard pop-up shows you are installing an SP for the DM application server



3. Verification and DB backup

Check on the screen that you are performing a correct SP upgrade. In this case, it shows we are going from SP01 to SP02, which is correct.

You can decide to make a backup of the DM database (this is optional, but recommended)



Note: if you do make the backup, it will be placed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQLxx.MyInstance\MSSQL\Backup

For example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup




4. Installation completes





5. Verify by logging in and checking the “About” box

This should give the new SP level (and the table Setup.DMSetupSchemaVersion will have been updated)




The steps for a patch installation are identical.