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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi All,

As you know Quote 1.0 is still the default quote engine in SAP CPQ.

Any New clients may want to use Quote 2.0 from the beginning (this requires initial setup before the modeling starts) and existing clients if need to migrate from Quote 1.0 to Quote 2.0, so Let's understand in depth from below reference links..

Quote 2.0 is the improved quote engine available since June 2018. The new quote engine was developed as a part of the initiative to make SAP CPQ the state-of-the-art software that allows users to create large quotes more quickly than in Quote 1.0.

Most SAP CPQ features that are available for Quote 1.0 are available for Quote 2.0 as well. These features are described throughout the Setup and Administration Guide. The differences between the two engines are described in 🔀 Quote 1.0 vs Quote 2.0 - Feature Differences and the following sections describe in details these differences as well as features that are specific for Quote 2.0.

Fields, Calculations, Layout

In Fields, Calculations, Layout you can define options for basic quote elements in the Quote 2.0, such as quote fields, calculations, their layout and so on.

🆕Quote 2.0 Migration Guide

This section is intended to help clients and SAP CPQ internal teams who are planning to migrate from Quote 1.0 to Quote 2.0 and also clients who are still not sure whether Quote 2.0 is the right engine for them.

Quote 2.0 Calculations

To manage calculations for Quote 2.0, access the Fields and Calculations tab in Setup  Quotes  Fields, Calculations, Layout. The page shows in Setup only when Quote 2.0 is on. Otherwise, if using Quote 1.0, calculations should be administered under Pricing/Calculations > Cart Fields Administration.

Solution Design

The Solution Design feature enables users to organize items into sections and subsections in a separate tab on quotes.

Quote Teams

Grouping users into teams enables parallel work on one quote and allows quote owners to assign quote sections to different teams.

Filtering Items in Quote 2.0

Quote Filtering allows users to filter out quote items by specific values in quote item custom fields and in some standard SAP CPQ fields (Part Number, Product Type and Product Name). Filtering is available only in Quote 2.0.

Scripting for Quote 2.0

The Quote 2.0 scripting is event-based which adds to the performance of the system when working with complex scripts.

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