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The Configuration Engine needs relevant information from the sales order to process the product configuration. You can use reference characteristics to transfer values from the sales order to the product configuration or to submit values from the configuration to the sales order. Unlike the regular characteristics of a configurable product, a reference characteristic always relates to a table field. When you call the product configuration this information, that is, the values of context parameters (table names and field names), is transferred from the sales order to the Configuration Engine and corresponding values from the Configuration Engine are returned to the sales order. The context parameter values are then transferred to the reference characteristic defined for the appropriate field and used as characteristic vales in the product configuration. Fields in SAP CPQ must be mapped to fields in SAP ECC for this data exchange.

You can use additional sales order fields as reference characteristics in the product configuration. The enhancement of context parameters is necessary for the processing of complex products in provider contracts, for example. The Configuration Engine data from the sales order is thereby provided for processing. This data is indispensible for the product configuration of complex products. For example, you can submit additional necessary input parameters to the Configuration Engine.

SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing uses the following attributes for pricing:

KOMK-KUNNR Sold To Party (Customer number)
KOMK-HWAER Local Currency
KOMK-PLTYP Pricelist Type
KOMK-VKORG Sales Organization
KOMK-VTWEG Distribution Channel
KOMK-LAND1 Country key
KOMK-KONDA Price group (customer) / condition group
KOMK-KDGRP Customer Group


Pricing Date


Pricing Product ID

SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing

Integrating SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration provides a cloud-based solution for simplifying and enhancing sales of complex configurable products.

SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing is the service providing this integration. It provides SAP CPQ with knowledge bases, the configuration result and the pricing result.

Variant Configuration Pricing API's in your applications to calculate prices based on data maintained in SAP ERP or S/4HANA.


Standard reference and pricing attributes used by SAP CPQ for the SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing integration are listed on this page. You can edit reference and pricing attributes or create custom reference characteristics in SAP General Attribute Mappings.

Go to General Attribute Mappings

Evaluating Pricing and Reference Attributes Per Item

Pricing and reference attributes are evaluated in the context of the quote header information by default. However, they can also be evaluated in the context of quote items. You can enable that by editing a pricing attribute and selecting the checkbox Evaluated per item. In General Attribute Mappings, pricing attributes for which this checkbox is selected are marked as True in the Evaluated per item column. As a result, tags such as <*CTX( Product.SystemId )*>, <*CTX( Product.UnitOfMeasure )*>, <*CTX( Product.PartNumber )*> can be used in attribute formulas, and therefore, a pricing attribute or a reference attribute value can differ from item to item. For more information, see Calculation Pipeline for Variant Configuration Products.

As shown below , CTX Tags needs to be mapped accordingly to the desire output you will receive.



SAP CPQ - Reference Characteristics and Pricing Attributes

SAP ERP Tables

Variant Configuration & Pricing API's