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Dear SAP BRIM Community, as of the next major release of SAP Convergent Charging, which will be released in Q4 2023, the minimum Java Virtual Machine (JVM) supported for SAP Convergent Charging 2023, will be updated from SAP JVM 8 to SAP Machine 17 (or JVM 17).

Please refer to the following SAP Note for details regarding this important change:

3307585 - Impact about coming JVM version upgrade in SAP Convergent Charging - SAP ONE Support Launc...

There are multiple reasons why we are making this critical step:


SAP corporate security standards require that we address vulnerabilities by upgrading to the latest supported JVM. This includes common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVE) fixes. Over time, these CVE fixes are no longer down ported to old JVMs and are only applied on the latest JVM. This is for example the case with CXF  3.5 which is the last version supporting Java 8, and the next ones only supporting Java 11 and above.

New Features

SAP Machine 17 introduces new features and APIs that will make it easier to code, maintain and evolve SAP Convergent Charging. For a full list of these features, there is a great tool called Java Version Almanac which you can use to compare different versions.

In addition to improved security and new features, SAP Machine 17 also boasts improved performance and lower latency, and more efficient garbage collection.

Deprecated OS support with SAP Machine 17

The move to SAP Machine 17 also means that we are streamlining the OS supported by SAP Convergent Charging 2023.

Currently, SAP Machine 17 is only supported on the following OS:

  • x86 (64bit) / Ubuntu 20.04

  • x86 (64bit) / RHEL 8.5

  • x86 (64bit) / SLES 15

  • x86 (64bit) / Windows Server 2022

  • ppc64le / SLES 15

  • aarch64 / macOS 11.6

  • aarch64 / RHEL 9

Src: Certification and Java Compatibility · SAP/SapMachine Wiki · GitHub


IMPORTANT: This means that currently supported Operating Systems for current and previous versions of SAP Convergent Charging; specifically, HP-UX, AIX-UX, and Solaris OS; will no longer be supported with SAP Convergent Charging 2023 and future versions.

Current and previous versions of SAP Convergent Charging will continue to maintain support for SAP JVM 8.

If you are implicated by this change, specifically if you plan to continue to use one or more of the operating systems listed above as no longer supported as of SAP Convergent Charging 2023, please leave a note on this blog page.

The SAP Convergent Charging Product Management team will reach out to you to discuss other possible options.