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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 NW is generally available. Below are some collected frequently asked questions, I hope they can give you some basic ideas about our most recent release.

About BPC 10.1 NW


Q: What's major changes delivered with BPC 10.1 NW?


  1. Entire web client has been rebuilt with HTML5 technology.

  2. A brand new 'Embedded' (formerly referred to as a 'Unified') model which is able to consume EDW data model of BW by integration with BW-PAK.
    The original BPC data model based on the the former BPC 10.0 release is now called a 'Standard' (formerly referred to as a 'Classic') model.

Q: What are the differences between the Embedded and Standard models?

A: Standard model is same data model as BPC 10.0 (as well as BPC 7.5) which is account model ( AKA data mart model). Embedded model is an integrated of BPC with BW-PAK( HANA accelerated version of IP), it’s mainly about leveraging IT centric EDW model with BPC business oriented features.

Q: Is it possible to implement both Embedded and Standard models on the same system?

A: Yes, it’s can be installed on the same system and access with same web logon URL.

Q: Does BPC 10.1 supports Hebrew language?

A: Both Hebrew and Arabic language are supported with BPC 10.1 in web interface and EPM add-in.

Q: Is there any integration between a BPC Embedded model and a BPC Standard model?

A: Integration is consider to be done via BPC/BW customizing which could probably be delivered through content delivery ( like RDS) as a short term approach. 

About Installation


Q: What is the BW release required for BPC 10.1?

A: Minimum BW release is BW 7.40 SP5 for both BPC 10.1 Embedded and Standard.

Q: Is HANA DB mandatory for BPC 10.1?

A: BPC 10.1 Standard supports both HANA DB and none-HANA DB. BPC 10.1 Embedded only supports HANA DB.

Q: Which HANA SP is required for BPC 10.1?

A:  BW 7.40 SP5 requires HANA SP7, so HANA SP7 is required for BPC 10.1 as well.

Q: Is software component CPMBPC required to be installed if customer is only using BPC 10.1 Embedded?

A: No, if only BPC 10.1 Embedded is to be used, installing SAP_BW is sufficient. CPMBPC ( as well as HANABPC) is only required to be installed when BPC Standard is to be used. 

About BPC 10.1 NW Embedded


Q: Will BPC Embedded model have all the capabilities which BPC NW and BW-IP/PAK today?

A: Functions on BPC Embedded model will be delivered gradually  in continuous support packages.  The ultimate target to deliver a product with combination of benefits from both BPC and BW-IP/PAK. Functions like calculated member, custom measureare planned to be  replaced by calculated key figure or restricted key figure.

Q: What’s the cost for existing BPC customer to move to this Embedded model?

A:  The Standard model (existing BPC clients) and Embedded model (BW-IP/PAK based) are built on different paradigms (Account based vs Multiple Key Figure).  Customers on existing BPC NW 7.X/10.0 platform should consult SAP Services or a BPC consulting partner to engage in an assessment in terms of moving to the Embedded model.  Development is currently investigating options for existing customers if they choose to move to the new model type (this is optional)

Q: What’s the cost for existing BW-IP/PAK customer to migrate to the new Embedded model?

A: BW-IP/PAK customers can easily reuse their existing modeling in BW, with some additional customizing they are can also leverage new functions
coming from BPC. Of course, customer need to re-define report in EPM add-in if they want to leverage EPM add-in as standard reporting UI. Existing BW-IP customers will need to purchase BPC NW and SAP HANA licenses to leverage the Embedded model. PAK customers will already have purchased BPC NW and SAP HANA licenses and will not require additional licenses (beyond additional users).

Q: What's the cost for existing SEM-BPS customer to migrgae to this unfiied model?

A: Migration procedure would be similar as migration SEM-BPS to BW-IP/PAK, effort would also be similar.

Q: Will BPC Embedded model also have consolidation capability?

A: The plan is for consolidation functionality to be delivered in the near future through a support pack. Before that, customer could do planning on Embedded model and consolidation on a standard model.


Q: Will BPC Embedded Model still be able to be owned by Business?

A: While the Embedded Model typically requires some IT involvement, the plan is to continue to enhance the usability for Finance/business users.


Q: Is script logic supported with BPC 10.1 Embedded ?

A: NO. FOX script shall be used in BPC 10.1 Embedded for calculation.

About BPC 10.1 NW Standard


Q: What is the future of BPC Standard model?

A: The BPC Standard model continues to be supported and will have investments thus providing customers with two modelling paradigms (Standard and Embedded ) within the BPC NW solution.


Q: Is BPC 10.0 Environment supported in BPC 10.1?

A: Yes. BPC 10.0 environment is well supported in BPC 10.1 Standard, and migration from BPC 10.0 to BPC 10.1 Standard is very straight forward.



About EPM Add-In


Q: Which EPM add-in shall be used for BPC 10.1

A: EPM add-in 10.0 SP16 onwards.


Q: What are the main changes in the EPM add-in?

A: It supports reporting on Embedded model through directly consumption of BEx query.

For more useful information, please refer to Note 1966663 - BPC NW 10.1 Frequently Asked Questions.