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Request is not appearing in user’s Work Inbox? Check a few things before opening incident with SAP Support:




This is the class and method that outputs the user's AC work items into NWBC work Inbox link.




User's Work inbox can be checked using t-code SWI5:



In the work items pending you can see the Workflow Task associated to it
Example: TS76307964 (User Access Review workflow task, See Note 2618928 for all Tasks)



If the work item is in the user’s inbox (t-code SWI5 has the work item), ask customer to check if the user has all the necessary authorizations and check if user has not delegated access to another approver.




Also table SWWUSERWI can be checked.

Here we can see information such as Work Item has been forwarded, and perhaps the user receiving the forwarded work item has a substitute so he does not have the work item in his inbox, but the substitute user has it.

  • Make sure the TASK_OBJ is set to General so work item reaches user inbox. (See Note 2618928)

  • Make sure the USER_ID is not maintained as service

  • If NO_SEL is marked that means I have forwarded that work item to another user and I have no autho to make changes to that work item until that is in forward mode

  • if I have FORWARD checked that means I was forwarded a work item





Also you can execute FM SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST:

Enter USER_ID and Language.

If you open the result table you can locate the work item by External Key Display and get the work Item number.






Suggested notes

Some notes to recommend, from SAP Workflow component (check customer SAP_BASIS release and SP level prior to recommending these notes):

2339318 - SAP_WAPI_DECISION_COMPLETE does not complete a work item

2412604 - Buffering issue of SAP WAPI function modules