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Moving from BW-IP to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation –Embedded Model-

Today, we can use the following planning tools for building powerful planning applications as part of BW:


  • BW-IP


  • SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation with one of two planning models:

    • Embedded Model

    • Standard Model

The BPC planning license contains the planning models: BW-IP/PAK, BPC Embedded and
BPC Standard

SAP BW-BPS is still part of all BW software releases and our maintenance strategy. Due to various reasons, we recommend that you use one of the options other than BW-BPS for business planning - either integrated planning (BW-IP) or, preferably, the premium version SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver. Please read SAP Note #1666756 for more details.

In 2006, we introduced BW-IP as the recommend planning solution as part of SAP BW. From this point onwards, it was possible to build planning applications with the same metadata as for analytics applications. In addition, we were able to use the same set of Microsoft Excel or web-based frond end clients for analytics and planning scenarios.

In 2011, we introduced the Planning Applications Kit and we also started the area of in-memory technology for planning scenarios.

Planning as part of BW requires a deep knowledge about data structures, source systems and further related systems in our IT landscape. This requires a deep IT involvement during the development of planning apps. But this can often lead to delays. If the business user wants the maintain authorizations for his own planning model for example, it would be great if this user could maintain this service without the IT department. This example describes the trend that we see very often. The development of a specific kind of planning applications, the self-service approach, which we already know from SAP Business Objects for NetWeaver, would improve the creation of planning applications significantly.

Based on these facts, we have decided to expand the powerful BW-IP / PAK model with the help of end-user-oriented functionalities and we have developed the new EMBEDDED MODEL.

Now, you can use the best of all technologies for your planning applications:


  • The deep integration in BW

  • The in-memory support of SAP HANA

  • The huge usability of SAP Business Objects for NetWeaver: master data maintenance, comments, authorizations and tons of other helpful features are now available for BPC Embedded Model as well.

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