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Would you like to learn more about SAP Subscription Billing and even integrate it into your company? Then I would like to introduce you to the quick-start service for SAP Subscription Billing.

SAP Subscription Billing is a cloud native public cloud solution built on micro-services and designed to help companies rapidly deploy highly innovative and effective sales processes in an agile, flexible and scalable environment that leverages other SAP cloud and on-premise investments. It helps companies to synchronize complex sales and revenue management processes, all within one solution.

The quick-start service for SAP Subscription Billing helps companies to rapidly switch their business to SAP Subscription Billing by enabling the customer to get familiar with the solution. This solution allows companies to follow a simplified, automated approach to billing and ordering processes enabling a quicker and more effective creation and monetization of new offers.

The service consists of 3 scope items, one of which is a mandatory scope item and has to be expanded with another scope item.

The first scope item is “00 Foundation” which is mandatory and includes following topics:

  • Kick-off workshop

  • Tenant creation

  • User Management

  • Enablement workshop

    • Business configuration

    • Master data maintenance

    • Usage data

    • Bill items

    • APIs

Scope option 01 is a customer individual workshop with an industry agnostic focus and scope option 02 is a customer individual workshop with a utilities focus.

In the quick-start service we have 3 phases:

  1. Explore & Prepare

In this phase we have following topics:

  • Prepare project

  • Use case selection

  • Presentation of the selected use-case

  • Tenant creation

  • Kick-off workshop

  1. Realize

In this phase we have following topics:

  • Basic Configuration of SAP Subscription Billing

  • Enablement workshop

  • Setup and configuration of the customer specific product

  • Solution functional test including documentation of test results

  1. Deploy

In the final phase we have these topics:

  • Final presentation of results incl. system demo with regards to success criteria

  • Handover all deliverables (configuration documentation + test results)

  • Project Closure and Sign Off


Typical project plan, main service phases


In this blog post we have dealt with the topic "Subscription Billing quick start service" and explained the individual scope options. The contents of the individual scopes were also explained.

For more information please feel free to fgedik me or leave a comment below. Be sure to check out other subscription billing blog posts and subscribe for more similar content.



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