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Most of us who are using Policy feature provided in GRC Process control, know about the below listed processes in Policy life cycle management
1> Create and Document Policy
2> Review and Approve Policy
3> Publish and Distribute Policy
4> Review and monitor reports on Policy and Policy status

A less known area though, is ‘Localization of Policy’ and this is what I will talk about in this blog.
Localization of policy is adaptation of the policy to cater to the needs of the subsidiary business units allowing changes that relate to local laws and regulations.

While creating a Policy we also document who is in scope. Define which organization is subject to this policy.

So after the policy is published, the policy owner can find the created policy in the assigned parent organization.

Policy owner can also find the policy in the child organization but the localize button is only enabled here for an inherited policy.

After clicking on “Localize” button, you will be directed to a new policy OIF with the information copied from the selected policy. Each policy must have a unique name under one policy group, hence you need to change the name of the localized policy accordingly.

The child organization will automatically be assigned in the policy scope of the policy. Policy Owner cannot assign other organizations here.

The policy is localized for one of the subordinate organization. Similarly you can localize for other child organizations on need basis.