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SAPPHIRE NOW as always continues to mark a time at SAP where we showcase our latest innovations, get to meet our existing customers and start building relationships with our new customers and the larger SAP Community. My colleague Pras Chatterjee talks about the "New Perspectives in Planning" that will shared at SAPPHIRE. SAP is about making the lives of our customers simpler ! On that note we decided to make planning simpler. With the launch of our latest solution SAP Cloud for Planning, finance professionals can really simplify and optimize the FP&A Process. Built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with embedded analytics and collaboration and consumer grade UI, this application has truly transformed how the FP&A function and the role it will play in finance organizations.

Plan Simpler with SAP Cloud for Planning

Attend these Demo Theater Sessions and learn how you can plan better by simplifying financial planning and analysis. See how the SAP Cloud for Planning solution helps by delivering a people-centric user interface, embedded analytics, collaboration capabilities, and powerful modeling, all within a single product. Also get a chance to meet with the SAP Cloud for Planning Product Experts and discuss how this solution can solve your current challenges of FP&A.

Explore the Benefits of Planning Solutions in the Cloud

Attend these Demo Theater Sessions and learn how to make your planning faster and simpler with real-time insight, collaboration, and powerful modeling. See how the combination of the SAP HANA platform and the SAP Cloud for Planning solution make this possible. Examine all the new design features the cloud planning solution offers.

Get Ready for Next-Generation Financial Planning and Analysis in the Cloud

Join SAP and Deloitte in this micro forum discussion.This discussion will help you determine if you're ready for simpler financial planning in the cloud. Hear SAP and business partner experts discuss the access, collaboration, and deployment benefits of a cloud-based planning solution and offer sound advice on how to get started.

We look forward to seeing all of at one or more of these sessions. If you are unable to attend any session come by our  "Simplify Financial Planning and Analysis" Demo Station located at LB210 in the  Line of Business Finance area. Learn how to Plan Simpler  with SAP Cloud for Planning and have a great SAPPHIRE.