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Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!
This week we are happy to share several features that were recently released: Price Calculation apps on launchpad, new look for in-app help, delete customer on Customer Overview app, enhanced snapshot changes for rate plans and propagate deltas of Subscription Parameters and products with alternative billing cycles and charges.  Let’s have a look together in detail:

Price Calculation apps available in launchpad

The following apps have now been integrated in the launchpad of SAP Subscription Billing:

• Manage Field Catalog
• Manage Lookup Tables
• Manage Price Element Specifications
• Manage Pricing Schemes
• Manage Lookup Table Data

If you are using pricing with pricing schemes, you can now access all relevant apps directly from the user interface of SAP Subscription Billing.

For the required roles, see Roles for SAP Subscription Billing in the Setup and Administration Guide.

New look for in-app help

The visual design of the in-app help has been updated, with icons providing access to the help and a streamlined help panel. To read more about what you can expect from the in-app help, see Finding Help in the Setup and Administration Guide.

Delete a customer from the Customer Overview app

You can now delete a customer from the Customer Overview app. To do this, choose Delete on the customer detail page.

To delete a customer, you require the role ui_business_partner_customer_delete.

For more information, see Customers.

Enhanced snapshot changes for rate plans

In the Manage Rate Plans app, the maintenance of snapshots has been enhanced allowing you to edit parameter values and measurement specifications in pop-up windows. You can now edit or delete a snapshot by selecting the respective entry in the Parameters / Measurement Specifications table.

Propagate the Delta of Subscription Parameters

In the Subscriptions API, the attribute propagateDelta has been added to the endpoint /subscriptions/{id}/items/{itemid}/subscriptionparameters (POST).

You can use this attribute to propagate the delta of subscription parameters to the values of all successor snapshots. Otherwise, the default behavior is applied: The result of applying the delta overwrites the parameter values of any snapshot as of the effective date.

For more information, see Update Subscription Parameters in the API Guide.

Products with alternative billing cycles and charges

You can now define multiple rate plans for the same market so that you can offer different pricing models, such as different prices, different billing cycles, and different rate elements for the product if the corresponding rate plan template is based on a pricing scheme.

For more information about multiple rate plans, see Product Settings for Pricing and Rating in the Feature Overview.

That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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