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Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!
This week we are happy to share several features that were recently released: Individual rating of usage records, improvements for the Rating Monitor app, life cycle notifications for bill and an improvement for the master data replication process. Let’s have a look together in detail:

Individual rating of usage records

Usage records can now be rated individually irrespective of the billing cycle of a subscription.
With this feature, you can now specify a Usage Rating Variant for usage-based rate elements and thus define whether usage records are rated individually or aggregated. The Usage Rating Variant Individual allows you to send complex usage records with items by defining Usage Record Item Fields.
For more information about individual rating of usage, see Individual Usage Rating in Rate Elements.
In addition to that, there is an own blog post available explaining this new feature based on an example:

New filter options and details in the Rating Monitor app

You can now filter rating errors and warnings for individually rated usage records in the Rating Monitor app by Technical Resource Type and Technical Resource ID and also have the option to group by Technical Resource Type. Additionally, you can access the details of the usage records and directly navigate to the Usage app to check usage data.

Send scheduled bill life cycle notifications

You can now send notifications before and after a bill's life cycle events (bill opened, bill due, bill closed, bill reopened and bill transferred). For more information, see Bill Notifications.
The notifications are sent outwards through SAP Event Mesh, for which you require a separate license.

Enhanced monitoring capabilities for business partner replication with SAP Master Data Integration

If business partners were excluded from replication to SAP Subscription Billing, you now get more details about why, for example because they don't have one of the supported roles.

That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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