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Product and Topic Expert
Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week we are happy to announce the release of key functionalities that will improve the experience of users of the Price Calculation service for SAP Subscription Billing. We also have a small feature for the Bills API.

Let’s take a look together in detail:

New prices table for subscriptions

If you use pricing schemes to define the pricing logic of your products, subscription items have now a new table to display the prices derived from a pricing scheme. You can view both the list prices and the actual subscription prices, which you can customize if configured accordingly.

You’ll find the table of prices in the subscription item under Pricing:

To learn more about price customization with pricing schemes, see Customized Pricing on the SAP Help Portal.

Differential import of lookup table data

You can now edit the lookup table data more easily to define your price conditions and prices. The import of the CSV file differentiates now between two ways of updating the table data:

  • Clear and Replace to replace the entire table data with the contents of the imported file.

  • Merge to add new rows or edit existing rows without having to include the entire table data in the imported file.

Request progress of mass bill closing

You can now use the Bills API to retrieve the progress of mass bill closing requests. To do this, use GET on the endpoint /bills/closing/{massClosingRequestId}.

That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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