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Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week is all about subscriptions, with two new nice additions to our Subscriptions app and a new option for our API . Let’s see together what’s new:

Set a pricing date and define subscription-specific prices in the Subscriptions app

You can now set a pricing date and customise prices for individual subscriptions when you edit the items of a subscription in the Subscriptions app:

  • Set a pricing date if you want to lock the prices of a subscription item as of a specific date.

  • Define pricing parameters if you want to overwrite parameters from the rate plan and use subscription-specific prices in an item. To do this you need the role ui_subscription_pricing_manage.

To learn how to change this data, do our guided tour Edit subscription items in the Subscriptions app.

Pricing configuration in Subscriptions app

Quicker access to status change actions in the Subscriptions app

The Change Status button of the subscription has been replaced by individual buttons that show which status changes you can do: Cancel to cancel the subscription, Withdraw to withdraw the subscription, and so on.

Status change in Subscriptions app

Subscriptions API: Change all header fields with one request

Additional attributes have been added to the endpoint /subscriptions (PATCH):

  • billSplitElement

  • customReferences

  • notificationSettings

  • payment

You can now update any of these attributes (along with the previously available attributes) with the PATCH operation, instead of using the existing dedicated endpoints.

That’s all about our latest features! Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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