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Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week’s blog covers three new features, including two really nice improvements to our subscriptions app. Let’s take a look together at what’s new:

Pause and Resume Subscriptions

You can now pause and resume subscriptions if you want to offer this option to your customers.

A pause puts the subscription on hold, and recurring charges aren’t billed until the subscription is resumed. You can pause a subscription either indefinitely or for a defined period by setting a resume date.

You manage the pauses of a subscription on the Pause Schedule tab. Here you can create, edit or delete any pauses from the list as needed.

Pause and resume a subscription via UI

Edit Subscription Items

As requested by our customers, we are working on making more editing possibilities available directly through our apps.

In this release, we brought a nice change to our Subscriptions app, where you can now edit the following details of the subscription items:

  • Subscription parameters

  • Custom references

  • Technical resources

To change this data, open the item list of the subscription and select Edit Items. This button enables the edit mode for the subscription items.

Edit subscriptions items via UI

In the Subscriptions app, check our new guided tour Edit subscription items to learn how to navigate through the edit mode. To display the guided tours for an app, go to the app, open the in-app help (press F1 or select the ? symbol at the top right of the screen), and switch to the guided tours view.

Faster Retrieval of Bill Data via the API

When retrieving data using the Bills API, you can reduce the response time by setting the new query parameter "$count" to “false”. If you do this, the response headers X-Count and X-Pagecount are not returned, which speeds up the response.

The parameter is now available for the following endpoint operations:

  • /bills (GET)

  • /bills/{identifier}/successorDocuments (GET)

  • /bills/{identifier}/successorDocuments/failedAttempts (GET)

  • /bills/transferable (GET)

Thank you for reading today’s blog! ☁️

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