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Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week, two user interface improvements made it into our delivery, and a brand new section was introduced in our documentation. Let’s see together what’s new:

Autogenerate technical resources via the subscription

You can now configure that technical resources are automatically generated when you create a subscription.

You enable the autogeneration in the rate element in Business Configuration. Then you add the technical resource type of that rate element to the product that you want to assign to the subscription item when creating the subscription. In the list of technical resources of both the product and its subscriptions, you see which types have this setting under the column Autogenerate Technical Resource.

Autogenerate technical resource in business configuration app

This setting allows you to generate the technical resources via the subscription, instead of via the provisioning request and the orchestration flow. For more information, see Technical Resources.

Display the usage records of a usage charge in the bill

When you display usage details for a usage charge, you now see the list of relevant usage records in a separate section. You can sort the list and also show or hide columns as required.

Usage records in bills app

New Pricing chapter in Feature Overview

A new chapter about pricing has been added to the Feature Overview of SAP Subscription Billing. For more information, see Pricing.

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