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Welcome again to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing's new features! With our latest delivery we’ve released quite a few of them. So let’s dive straight in and see what’s new:

Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners

You can now synchronise business partner information from the SAP Cloud Platform Master Data service for business partners to SAP Subscription Billing. The service for business partners enables you to maintain business partner data once and make it available in multiple other SAP applications. You can find information about setting up the integration in the Integration Guide. Note that you need a separate license to use SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners.

Terminology change

In order to simplify our terminology, we have renamed our “rate plan elements“ as "rate elements". This change is now visible on all affected UIs.

Rate subelements

For pay-per-use subscriptions, you can also define usages charges or credits including a rate subelement. The rate subelement is the sub-metric that is used to separately rate consumption measured by an external system for the same technical resource. For example, it enables energy provider companies to make a difference between off-peak and on-peak for the same energy consumption.

Rate sub-elements

Measurement specification

Measurement specifications can be used to provide additional information about how to meter usage for pay-per-use subscriptions. This can be used as context information by an external metering system for capturing the consumption of a service. The measurement specification is entered in form of a JSON string and can be changed using a rate plan snapshot.

Events for bills

Events in the life cycle of a bill can now be sent outwards through SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging (for which a separate license is required). You can find more information about events in the API Guide. The events are currently available as a beta version.

Event log for bills

In the Bills app, an event log is now available that shows events in the bill life cycle. For example, you can see when the bill was opened, when it is due, and when it was closed. What’s more, if you make use of events through SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging (as mentioned in the previous point), you will be able to see the sending status of events in a bill's event log.

Event log for bills

Display usage records for bills

In the Bills app, you can now display the relevant usage records for usage-based charges to get a better overview of how your billing document has been computed.

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