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Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to our blog series about new features in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Contract Accounting and Invoicing!

This release we are happy to share several features. Let’s have a look together in detail:

Key-User Extensibility for Convergent Invoicing documents

You can now enhance most of the objects in Convergent Invoicing with custom fields. These custom fields can be displayed in the corresponding Fiori Apps and added to APIs.

Business Context Description
CINV_CONSUMPTIONITEMS Convergent Invoicing: Consumption Item
CINV_BILLABLEITEMS_MAIN Convergent Invoicing: Billable Items
CINV_BILLABLEITEMS_TEXT Convergent Invoicing: Billable Items - Attachment Item
CINV_BILLINGDOCUMENT_HEADER Convergent Invoicing: Billing Document Header
CINV_BILLINGDOCUMENT_ITEM Convergent Invoicing: Billing Document Item
CINV_INVOICINGDOCUMENT_HEADER Convergent Invoicing: Invoicing Document Header
CINV_INVOICINGDOCUMENT_ITEM Convergent Invoicing: Invoicing Document Item

Using Business Scenarios it is easy to define an automatic data transfer from one Business Context to the other. For example a custom field added to the Billable Item can be added to the Billing Document Line Item.

The following table shows all possible transfers from Consumption Item to General Ledger.


To learn more, see Key-user extensibility for convergent invoicing documents

Dispute Management for Invoices

You can now create a new dispute case for an invoice directly from the Fiori App Display Invoicing Documents.

In the Manage Dispute Cases app, dispute cases related to Contract Accounting documents are indicated by the Contract Accounting source component. Dispute cases related to invoicing documents are indicated by the Convergent Invoicing source component.


To learn more, see Manage Dispute Cases

Payment by Link

You can now enable your customers to faster pay their invoices by offering a URL or QR code on the invoice. If the customer opens this link he is directed to a checkout page where he can pay using one of the offered digital payment methods.

The payment is executed via SAP digital payments (direct capture only) and will be posted in the billing / accounting system via the digital advice.

To learn more, see Integration of payment by link in convergent invoicing

Integration with SAP Subscription Billing – Detailed Usage Information

You can now send more information from SAP Subscription Billing to Convergent Invoicing for usage-based scenarios.

SAP Subscription Billing is collecting, rating and aggregating the usage events. Convergent Invoicing will receive a billable item to invoice the aggregated usage. In addition to the billable item you can now also transfer rated consumption item that represent the individual usage records. This allows to print a detailed listing of all the usage events that lead to a specific charge together with the invoice.


To learn more, see Usage record details on invoices with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for contract accounting and invoicing

New native Fiori application for display of subledger documents for FI-CA

With the Manage Documents app, you can manage Contract Accounting documents through a single point of access. From the list of selected documents, you get access to various apps and functions used for managing documents. In the document display you can see already in the document overview whether there are locks set on document line level (payment, dunning, posting, clearing locks).


That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post!

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In case of questions, feel free to ask them in our Q&A section using the tag SAP Convergent Invoicing or SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.

Stay tuned and take care!


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