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Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to our blog series about new features in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Contract Accounting and Invoicing!


This release we are happy to share several features. Let’s have a look together in detail:

New Features for Revenue Sharing and Partner Settlement

 Ability to define a partner settlement rule and assign it to contract accounts of the partner

  • SSCUI to define when and how to adjust partner items in case the original item is changed

  • Two new Mass Runs to schedule the billing release of partner items and the adjustment of partner items

  • Two new Cloud BAdIs that can be used to determine the adjustment amount for partner items and when an open item is considered as not payed

  • New content that can kick-start the implementation as it provides a full example of a partner settlement process

To learn more there will be a specific blog post for the updated scope item. Stay tuned.


Approval Workflow for Billing Requests

The Manage Billing Requests app is now connected to the flexible workflow framework allowing to implement a 4-eye principle check before releasing credit or debit requests.

In some cases it makes sense that a credit memo is first approved by a manger before it can be further processed. For example you can define that credit memos with a net value higher than USD 500 or all credit memos of a specific company code need to be sent to an approver.


  • The Cloud BAdI “Workflow for Billing request release approval” has been implemented and the restrictions are set by the administrator (business role: SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR).

  • The teams and responsibilities have been defined by the business process specialist (business role: SAP_BR_BUSINESS_PROCESS_SPEC).

  • The workflow has been defined by the business configuration expert (business role: SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT).

To learn how to setup workflows check out the following blog post: Flexible Workflow for Billing Requests – S/4HANA Cloud for Contract Accounting and Invoicing – Part ...


Cost recognition for subscription and usage costs

In addition to posting cost of goods sold Convergent Invoicing provides now the possibility to handover planned and actual costs to contract-based revenue recognition. For this convergent invoicing creates Order and Invoice Item transfer records containing cost conditions.

To learn more, see Transfer of costs to contract-based revenue recognition


Payment-by-Link for Dunning and Return Letter

In the last release we introduced the possibility to use the new functionality payment by link  (2208 blog post). In this release we enhance the feature by supporting it for dunning and returns letters as well as more monitoring options.

The “Display Payment Forms for Payments By Link” app can be used to display all payment forms that have been created together with the information if the customer actually used the payment by link feature.

To learn more, see Display Payment Forms for Payments By Link


Payment Orders with Payment Cards

 Provided you are using SAP digital payments add-on, you can now also create payment orders for card payments.

The payment run creates payment orders as part of digital payment transactions whenever a payment method is selected that is indicated accordingly. In this case, the payment run does not post a payment document, but creates a payment card order and also posts a clearing document "Card Account to Clearing Account".

You then schedule a settlement run that selects this document and reports the payment to the payment service provider.

You periodically import the response from the payment service provider (payment advice note) and process the payment advice note.

As a final process step, using the Post Payment Card Order Lot app, you create payment card order lots. The run creates and posts lots, clears the receivable on the clearing account, and sets the payment card orders to Executed.

To learn more, see Payment Orders for Card Payments


That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post!

To make sure you don’t miss the next feature articles, follow the tag SAP Convergent Invoicing. And in the meantime, you can find out more about our solution in the information section below.

Also: Please like this post if you found it useful, and don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback in the comment section.

In case of questions, feel free to ask them in our Q&A section using the tag SAP Convergent Invoicing or SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.

Stay tuned and take care!


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