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BC-Sets are group of data retrieved from the tables maintained by the maintenance view assigned to the IMG node.

Several BC-Sets can be assigned to one IMG node.

IMG node again is a maintenance view in the backend system.


How to maintain the context of existing BC-Sets

  • Execute the transaction SCPR3

  • Choose the BC-SET you need to maintain by double clicking on the BC-Set


  • Then Click on the Edit Attribute Value

  • System shows the tables used in the BC-Set.

  • User can double click the table and then edit or delete the records.

  • Once Done then Save the changes

If changes are made in the data of the table or views then a pop up window will come that will confirm to update the content in the table or view.

How to create a new BC-Set

  • Execute the transsaction SCPR3 and click over Create

We always choose Create BC Set from "IMG Hierarchy". (Creation of BC Set from Transport Request may used for creation of a BC Set based on the new released customizing tables, but we have not used it.)


The software component is GRPCFND_A. Save it with package GRPC_CUSTOMIZING.

Once done save the changes