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Hey there,

Check out the news for the support package 01 of our latest release, the 9.0.

I also gathered here all the channels where you can find documentation related to the localizations for banking services from SAP.

Have a look at the new topics of this support package below:

General Localization Functions

  • Archiving for Positive Pay Agreement

  • Escrow Payments for Mortgage Loans

  • Enterprise Services for Escrow

  • Installment Prepayment Order

 Localizations for Brazil

  • Archiving for Payment Advice

 Localizations for United States

  • Archiving of Exemption Orders for SCRA with /FSGLO/EXM

  • BAPI and IDoc Enhancements for UCC Lien and Regulation Z

  • Interest Payment Benefits with Military Lending Act (MLA)

  • SCRA State Compliance

For detailed information about the topics mentioned above, see the What’s New - Release Notes section for Support Package 01.


For more information about the solutions of localizations for banking services from SAP, see below the documentation channels that are available:

  • SAP Help Portal

    In the Help Portal, search for localizations for banking services from SAP and choose the version you would like to access.You should reach the localizations for banking services from SAP product page which contains links to the following documentation types:

    • What’s New

    • Application Help

    • Configuration Guide

    • Business Content

    • Administrator’s Guide