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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP CPQ Script Plugin enables you to create, edit, and validate scripts using an intuitive flexible interface. The plugin provides the flexibility to create a new global script from scratch and you can push the script back to the connected SAP CPQ tenant.


  • SAP CPQ Script Plugin provides administrators the flexibility to create, edit, compare and revert changes, validate scripts, and more.

  • The script plugin provides flexibility to fetch and download locally all existing global scripts from the connected SAP CPQ tenant.

  • You can attach events to the global script or detach them, delete existing global scripts, and push the changes back to the SAP CPQ tenant.

  • You can write scripts more efficiently by providing the complete Intellisense feature to SAP CPQ object code.


  • SAP CPQ tenant should be purchased.

  • The script plugin requires the 2302 SAP CPQ version.

  • Visual studio code should run in normal mode.


Only global scripts are supported.

Install the Extension available in Visual Studio Code Extension

Refer SAP CPQ Help Documentation


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