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If you want to use Dashboard on the BPC 10.1 Web on your project, you are going to love this.

You may encounter the following issue when using dashboard in BPC web.

1. Why the data displayed in the dashboard is not correct.

2. Why I changed the context member, but it seems that the member I selected in the BPC context bar is not reflected in the dashboard.

First of all, I would like share one of the KBA I found. Here, you can find some notes that you really need to implement, and something you need to be careful about, etc.

SAP KBA 2248465 - BPC dashboard issue troubleshooting guide

Besides this KBA, I really want to share today is how to use Chrome to help you troubleshoot the issue.

1. Use Chrome to open the BPC web and open the dashboard.

2. Click F12 to open Debug Tool.

3. Use select element function to point your dashboard.

4. After you click the select element button, put your mouse over the dashboard. The screen will be like below.

5. Then you will see the value in the Element tab. As you can see, the cube name is displayed there, but without context info, such as which dimension members you selected because this is the 1st time load the dashboard.(Due to your BPC 10.1 version, you may see the context info)

6. Try to change the context member, such time. Repeat the step 3 and 4. Check the value again. As you can see, besides the cube name, we can see the dimension member info as well. Here, you can know whether the context members you selected are really passed to the dashboard. (Don't forget to click the arrow to expand)

7. Well, we have known whether the context member are passed to dashboard or not. Next, let's take a look at the request sent to server by the dashboard. Is the correct MDX statement generated?. Open Network tab and click XMLA.

8. Then you will see the MDX statement. You can log on to BW and test the MDX statement by using t-code MDXTEST. (The MDX is within <Statement></Statement>.) If error happens when executing the mdx statement in BW, you may see error "The server has encountered an error" on the dashboard. By executing the MDX directly on BW, you can know why data is not correct.  Is the data generated by MDX itself already wrong or the dashboard displayed the data returned from server incorrectly?