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Scenario: HR Trigger requests make use of the same workflow notification as other Access Control requests. Customers may want to disable notifications when the request is created by HR Trigger, and all other requests should continue to generate notifications normally.


How can customers disable email notifications for HR Trigger requests only?


Solution: This can be achieved by following the steps below:


1) Create Enhancement Spot/BADi per Note 1589130 or per Note 1727135. You can also apply both notes and merge the code.


2) Thereafter, customized code can be done in method SEND_OVERRIDE of the BADi's implenting class. It is a stable solution and does not get overwritten by SP upgrades.


The customization code below is a suggestion that has been tested in my internal system as works effectively.

In my sample code, I am suppressing e-mail notifications for HR Triggers that create request type 23.




Please note that you need to replace the request type 23 with your own number based on you HR actions maintained in SPRO.


Navigate to SPRO>...>Access Control>User Provisioning>Maintain Settings for HR Triggers,


If you would like to suppress e-mail for more than one action triggered by HR, then you need to slightly modify the sample code to achieve it.


Hope this is useful!