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This guide works only for BW Query which starts with /ERP/SFIN_***

Profit Center Group is not available by default in BW queries for Profit Center as:

  • /ERP/SFIN_V01_Q2701 – Profit Centers - Actuals

  • /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2701 – Profit Centers – Plan/Actual

  • /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2702 – Profit Centers – Plan/Actual YTD

  • /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2703 – Profit Centers – Plan /Actual with Currency Translation

For enabling this field in BW queries you need to do several steps, before you can create/update WebDynpro Configuration for selected app.

1)SAP Note 3308885

This Note is adding two additional variables for the backend. Without this Note in your system, this guide will not work.

2)Eclipse – BW Modeling Tools

First you need to locate the query you want to modify(for purpose of example I have created my own as a copy from Profit Center – Actuals)

When you open the query, you need to switch to InfoProvider selection, so you are able to choose from it, but first in case you do not want to select single Profit Center anymore, you can delete variable which is already assigned under Filter: Fixed Values in /ERP/PROFTCTR (Only if you created a copy, you might have no variable there at all, which is also fine)

Then select /ERP/PROFTCTR, open Characteristic Value Variable, right-click to open pop-up and select New Variable

Then you need to create 2 new variable which have to be named /ERP/N_PROFTCTR01 and /ERP/H_PROFTCTR01 as they are being called by the Function Module with the same label.

You can use your own package and Description, the rest must be the same as below.

Creation of New Variable


After those two new variables are created, you then need to assign it to /ERP/PROFTCTR in the Filter of your query.

Double click on /ERP/PROFTCTR in Filter: Fixed vaule to open next selection. There you need to open Hierarchy Node Variables, select your new variable and click on Change…

Here you will assign Hierarchy Variable to the Node.

Then you need to just drag it to the Filter on the right and it will be assigned to /ERP/PROFTCTR. Filter definition should look the same as on the screenshot.

Afterwards you need to click on /ERP/PROFTCTR, select Hierarchy tab and do the same as for the Node. You will select the variable and when you do so, it will switch the flag of Activate Hierarchy to On.

At the end, you should be able to see Profit Center Group as part of your query in Transaction RSRT.

Now all you need to do is maintain WebDynpro configuration for your app, to assure, that the field is available for you in Profit Center reports.

You can use this guide to enable Profit Center Groups in any BW Query, as it is not limited just for Profit Centers Apps.


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