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Hi GTS SCN community,

As you know it is sometimes necessary, for numerous reasons, to open an SAP Incident (formerly known as an OSS message) for GTS issues that cannot be resolved on the SCN forum, or internally on customer side. I thought I would write a quick blog about a couple of common issues that we face in SAP Support that can lead to unnecessary ping-ponging of incidents between customer and SAP. The first point relates to when cross-system debugging analysis is required, and the second relates to maintenance of login data when GTS and ERP are maintained under different customer numbers.

These are not GTS specific and can be considered for any incident that might require access to 2 communicating SAP systems (ERP -> GTS in this case).

Dialog RFC user required for cross system debugging

If the problematic behavior is part of a process that is triggered from ERP such as document transfer, master data transfer or from GTS, such as commodity code re-transfer to ERP it will often be necessary to trigger the process in one system and debug into the other system to analyse the code at run time. This process will only be possible if the RFC user logging into the target system is set as a dialog user in the target system (SU01). You can find the user by checking the ABAP connection in SM59 "Login & Security" tab in the source system (most often ECC). Please also note that the RFC user will require debug authorizations in the target system.

This screenshot shows SM59 in the source system, highlighted is the user that should be set to "dialog" in the target system inorder to allow cross system debugging analysis.

See KBA 2077333 on this topic.

ERP and GTS maintained under a different customer number

Apart from keeping in mind the basic requirement of always providing system access (as per SAP note 508140) when opening an incident, there is an additional consideration if you have GTS and ERP maintained under different customer numbers when we need to access both systems inorder to reproduce and analyse issue.

What you probably dont know is that for security reasons we can only access the secure area (where user IDs and passwords are stored) that are maintained for the customer number under which the incident was opened. This is not normally an issue as mostly GTS and ERP are in different installations under the same customer number. If this is not the case, please remember to:

- Include System ID/client and Installation/customer number of the other system in the incident text.

- Add the user data (user and password) to the secure area of the customer number where the incident is opened - the "additional information" tab is probably the most convenient place for this. For example:

This screenshot shows a suitable place to store user data securely for a system that is installed under a different customer number

If the information is maintained like this then it is not necessary to open a separate incident from each installation, which is what some customers do.

Hopefully this information is useful. Thanks for keeping this in mind next time you are creating an incident for the GTS team! Feel free to comment below if anything is not completely clear, or if you have any other suggestions that you feel could improve incident processing time.