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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
One of the most important change in BW/4HANA comparing to old BW on HANA(on NW)  is the complete shifting to new set of BW artifacts like aSDO, Composite Provider, BAdI Provider, etc.

Hence SAP BPC 11, version for SAP BW/4HANA( BPC 11)  standard now generates aDSO(cube like) as basic info-provider for each BPC model. In addition, following the same practice in BPC 10.0/10.1 NW, BPC 11 also generates composite provider by default for each model, all BPC reporting is going through this composite provider instead of aDSO except when MDX is running on HANA (aka HANA MDX).

Starting from BPC 11 on BW/4HANA, HANA MDX is the default setting as BPC 11 only supports HANA as database to maximize HANA performance capability the new BW/4HANA platform. This means by default BPC can only read data from its managed aDSO, to read data out side of this aDSO, we need to sacrifice performance (switch back to BW MDX).

With the releasing of note 2826225, this situation is much improved. Now HANA MDX is always running on composite provider, so we can keep both flexibility and performance.

This enhancement can address below two use cases:


  1.  Read archived data or cold data in Near-Line storage


With the enhancement of data archiving in BW/4HANA, BPC 11.0 can now fully leverage BW/4HANA archiving capability putting non-frequently used historic data in Near-Line Storage (like SAP IQ).  And it’s also possible to leverage BW/4HANA data tiering directly on aDSO.  For more detail please read this blog.


To read BPC data not only from BPC generated aDSO but also from cold storage, you can now simply switch on the ‘Read Cold Store’ in common runtime property of generated composite provider.


  1. Read data from other basic providers under BPC generated composite provider


Instead of load everything into BPC generated aDSO, it’s also a quite common practice to utilize the generated composite provider by linking addition basic providers (part providers). This can keep BPC aDSO as small as possible to ensure the write back performance during planning.


With above note applied, HANA MDX can now read data from those additional basic provider(s) as well with no further setting.


Please note that, it’s still recommended to keep the dimensionality of additional basic provider(s) identical to BPC model.


Additional information added November 2022

Please refer to below 3 SAP notes for performance improvements for data read from HCPR:
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