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Product and Topic Expert
Since the end of 2022, users of the Price Calculation service for SAP Subscription Billing can work with the apps of both applications in one integrated launchpad. This allows them to use pricing schemes more easily in their subscription-based business.

Launchpad of SAP Subscription Billing with Price Calculation

But what are pricing schemes? They enable you to define more complex pricing models and allow you, for example, to use custom attributes or to configure individual usage rating. We recommend that you define your pricing models using pricing schemes, as we only plan to add new features to this pricing configuration option. For a better overview of the supported features, take a look at Pricing Features on the SAP Help Portal.

Pricing schemes are a powerful functionality, but their complexity might seem a bit overwhelming at first. To facilitate your first steps with this pricing configuration option, we’ve collected the available documentation for you.

Need a Quick Introduction to Visualize the Steps? Watch Our Videos

In our Video Library you’ll find the video series Pricing with Pricing Schemes. To get started, we recommend that you watch the following videos of the series:

Video 1: Overview of the Pricing Configuration

This video shows you how the elements of the pricing scheme are built by taking you on a tour through the following apps:

  • Manage Field Catalog

  • Manage Lookup Tables

  • Manage Price Element Specifications

  • Manage Pricing Schemes

Apps for Pricing Configuration

Video 2: Creating Rate Plans with a Pricing Scheme

In this video, you tour from the Manage Rate Plan Templates app to the Manage Products app. You’ll see first how to create a rate plan template and then how to use this template to create the rate plans of your subscription product.

Manage Rate Plan Templates App and Manage Products App

Video 3: Defining and Editing Prices

This last video takes you to the Manage Lookup Table Data app, where you’ll see how you can define and edit prices for the charges of a rate plan.

Manage Lookup Table Data App

Need Detailed Guidance During the Setup? Follow Our Configuration Guide

If you’re ready to start setting up pricing in your tenant, our new guide Pricing with Pricing Schemes: Configuration Guide is the ideal companion for the journey.

The configuration guide is available on the Help Portal page of SAP Subscription Billing, under Implement > Configuration:

On the one hand, this guide explains the entire configuration steps through an example use case, on the other hand, it addresses additional configuration options and settings for specific pricing features.

Focusing on the Example Configuration chapter, you’ll find an extensive end-to-end description of all the steps required for the pricing setup, from the very initial settings to the creation of your first subscriptions:

  1. Define settings in Business Configuration.

  2. Set up the pricing configuration.

  3. Prepare the pricing definition.

  4. Upload your prices to the system.

  5. Finish the master data.

  6. Create a subscription and view the bill.

Overview of Apps to Configure Pricing

That’s it! Did this blog post help you to get started? Let us know in the comments or by giving the post a thumbs-up!

And if you want to become an expert, you’ll find all our documentation on the SAP Help Portal: