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The growing risks related to cyber threats, data protection, and new privacy laws are driving leading organizations to identify and put in place effective responses to mitigate these risks.

As your business engages in digital transformation and moves more applications to the cloud, you need security to be smarter, automated, and embedded. SAP helps you realize these goals with SAP solutions for cybersecurity and data protection. These solutions are unique in how they look at business transactions and security risks in parallel and help deliver improved data security that helps build and sustain digital trust.


How can we support your business?

Solutions from SAP can help:

  • Detect and address suspicious activities in SAP® software landscapes

  • Scan ABAP® programming language and non-ABAP source code for risks

  • Perform high-volume system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics, integrating with other SIEM tools

  • Provide control and transparency to your data in the hyperscale (public cloud) environments

  • Manage and help secure personal data in a compliant manner, including masking and logging capabilities


A Special Invitation:

Join me and my colleagues, Evelyne Salie, Anne Marie Colombo, and  Wasif Gilani, as we share insights from SAP as well as from our special guest - Kevin Heckel from Deloitte - on March 23rd 2021, in our Cyber, Privacy, and Security show at the SAP Finance and Risk Virtual Summit.

We’ll be speaking to these topics and share insights into how technology from SAP can help security, data protection, and privacy professionals transform your approach to automation and compliance.

Wasif Gilani will talk to us about a “must have” solution recently released called SAP Data Custodian.

We’ll also give you a glimpse into two other solutions – SAP Enterprise Threat Detection and our SAP Analytics Cloud Cybersecurity dashboard - by Arndt Lingscheid and Gabriele Fiata.

It’ll be a focused, feature-packed 45 minutes of cybersecurity and data protection you won’t want to miss.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique virtual event!  Be there at 11AM EDT or catch us on-demand after the event.


And if you’d like something to preview prior to this event, we invite you to review any of the following:

Review this two-page document here of how Deloitte implemented SAP Enterprise Threat Detection to help a customer monitor security threats across many of their applications.

Access our more than 10 on-demand sessions where you will see in-depth product demonstrations and, in many cases, see how SAP is using our own solutions to manage risk, automate hundreds of controls, and run our own internal audit programs throughout the organization. Register to watch any of these  sessions across GRC, access governance, privacy, and cybersecurity here.